70 Off 2014 Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black Red White Outlet On Sale. Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Order Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black Red White For Sale,Save Up To 50% Off Keith Law is out with his list of Top 100 Prospects, just in time for Spring Training. In order to make the list, players must still be rookie eligible. Tampa Bay leads the list with nine players and 37 of the Top 100 were drafted in the first round. Towles is number 61. Law says: "Given his performance history, he should be at least an everyday catcher in the majors, but he's not a star and may settle in as a barely average regular." Felipe Paulino is number 65. "A converted infielder, Paulino has reportedly hit triple digits in the past, and he'd probably do so again as a reliever, which is his ultimate role." Towles was drafted by the Astros in the 20th round (2004) and Paulino was signed as an amateur free agent in 2001. Interestingly, Towles was drafted by Oakland (Round 32) in 2002 and the A's again drafted him (Round 23) in 2003, but he did not sign either time. Rotoworld says Morgan Ensberg is "one of the top 30 third basemen in baseball, but no one wanted him as a regular there." He'll battle for a job at first base and may end up with a bench role after the Yankees signed him to a minor league contract this week. GM Frank Wren says Mike Hampton is healthy. "He's fine. He's 100 percent." Hampy didn't pitch in the majors in 2006 or 2007. In 2005, he pitched in 12 games before an elbow injury. If a big if he's healthy, he could add nicely to the Braves' rotation. Pardon me, but I just can't see a player especially a pitcher being worth the kind of money Johan Santana is going to get. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he can get what he can get, but for a guy who goes out every fifth day, 7 years, $142 million is a huge risk. How many of you think he's that valuable? Do you think he'll be healthy for the entire contract (see Mike Hampton above)? Can he be a $20 million a year pitcher for the duration of the deal? He'll be 29 next month and pitching in the limelight of New York. rto very well written response. And you position is a very good one. Just two points I want to make: first, my opinion (off the field) is effected I know by the fact that i have raised (am raising!) Two neices and a daughter (ages almost 21, 17, and almost 16). In addition, (still in point 1) I cannot say that I am adimately opposed to pre maritial sex (not going to be hipacritical) but I am HUGE on responsibility and that means at ever step of the (any) process so if you decide, yes I am going to do it you better be making sure you are taking the steps to prevent an unwanted outcome! Point 2 I admire the qualities in Brady that you identified as well, but I am very careful with athletes to identify specifically what I admire about them and I applied my methodology to your statement sorry, that wasn really appropriate, but its done. The point though is that I have a set of in regards to who I will find admirable and the set is structured such that I can find an athlete admirable for things done on the field or in interviews but still have that person come up short in the worth noting catagory. Again though, I am sorry that I applied my thought base to your statement and hopefully, I have written this in a way that does not communicate judgement of you or your statement. You obviously know who you are and are honest about that and whatever else you choose to share about your self. This is getting way deep for a Monday morning can wait to read folks ST stories. if Santana had gone to SEA would they have become THE pick in the ALW? let me put it this way: the trade got a lot more coverage because he headed to NYC. run scoring) as the Angels. But would it have been as big a deal if Santana went west as opposed to NYC or Boston? No, of course not. That how the mainstream media is though. I guess if Santana had gone to LA, it would have been a big deal as well. For those of you that are basketball fans, see the Pau Gasol trade of this week; apparently him going to LA means that the Lakers are suddenly a championship team. Obviously, I scoff at such a ridiculous notion. A word on Tom Brady: he a great player and may possibly be a decent guy (I never met him, so yeah, I have no idea), but to be honest, he lucked into all of his success. He was in the right place at the right time, as some people just are, when they won the Super Bowl against the Rams. That said, I hope they beat the snot out of the Giants. And I want to see a team go 19 0. I never thought it would happen either. not just a fleece, it the whole sheep. Holmes that was brutal it in today world of rags to riches multimillionaire superstar athletes left many of them. To here most of them talk, there is no team them. The few times I actually sat and listen to Brady has been quick to deflect the stupid questions about his greatness, to his teammates to others. In today world the world of sports not a lot of humility seen or shown. That that alone is what I admire in him a person. Or how he handled himself when surrounded by the idiots. And on the field is an admiration for the player and competitor. Next to Montana and Staubach of the greatest ever back kids. and arrogance may have something there. Hard to tell what said on the field of the pile after getting your head handed to you. Not privy to those moments. don think athletes get a free pass to leave bodily fluids without wedding rings we didn meet 30 years ago I can live with that, admire it, and your view. I guessing is Brady girlfriend? But what happens with these sports figures the field (for the most part) don have a clue. Or who he with each day (or night) his deal to deal with answer for For me to be a judge of anyone morality would be a joke. Live and learn Sometimes I look around today and shake my head, but when I point a finger, it usually at a mirror. And yes, I would have rather had the Cowboys playing the Patriots. They had their chance lost. And for the record I been a Cowboy since the Lilly/Landry days, and the only one in our house growing up. I like Santana on his contract MORE than I like Zito on his contract. Sure, he might not be healthy for the duration of his career is always a risk with pitchers. But I like Santana chances: he is relatively young, he has accomplished a lot so far without putting a ton of mileage on his arm, and he is lefthanded, which means he probably can withstand a loss of velocity as he gets older better than most pitchers. Will he be worth $20 million at the end of his contract? I think there is a decent chance of that. Given the rate at which salaries escalate in baseball, an average starting pitcher may cost close to $20 million in 7 years means that Santana doesn have to be a great pitcher at that point in time. Someone asked us to pick a surprise from among the Astros minor player acquisitions. I pick Victor Diaz on the offensive side. Yes, it a gamble. But I think Diaz is a natural hitter he is nearing a peak age (if he is going to show anything, he needs to do it quickly). An injury on the bench or in the outfield may give him an opportunity, who knows. Among the pitchers, I pick Jack Cassel. He can be another Chris Sampson. And his brother is playing in the Super Bowl today, I think. Nice rebutt daveb, way to go Bill H. rto he is an okay guy and a great QB, just not admirable, but thats my opinion. I don think athletes get a free pass to leave bodily fluids without wedding rings, niave I know, but that me on the topic and I not just talking about Jazel. Part two arrogance is part of being a superbowl winning qb, smugness that just about showing up the other guy. Maybe my view is jaded by his head coach thoough he is a truely great football player. Then again, P Rose was a great baseball player and I couldn stand him, Brady I kind of like. But if you were talking about admiring him as a leader on the field and football player I have no issue with that. Mitch MMP is not a place where Livan or Colon can succeed. Lohse might be different story, but he cost 3 years OR he stay in PHI or go to NYM. Steve everyone you named got hurt (major injury) and/or pitched worsed than average for at least more than a half season. Next point, Santana dominence is reflected in his K/9 and WHIP, right it hides the fact that he lead the AL in HR allowed in a park where it is truely difficult to see. We will see, it is Very good for him that it was NYM (until next year in CitiField no one knows about that one yet) because Yankee Stadium and Fenway are not kind to change up artists that miss. I did a research project on 5 pitchers, a while back when I didn give Andrew the benefit of the doubt regarding Santana being the best I was wrong, for the previous 5 years, he was the best Roy O being a close second. I just don see how he still king of the hill in three years much less seven, but I know it took that money to get him. Question if Santana had gone to SEA would they have become THE pick in the ALW? Admittedly, I not a real big numbers guy, and honestly, I don even understand some of the stats people talk about these days. To me, the most significant pitching figure has always been ERA. Lifetime, Oswalt is 3.07 in 1413 innings, Santana, 3.22 in 1308. We might argue that Santana has a tougher job, throwing in the American league, but I think most guys would choose to pitch half their games in the Metrodome, rather than at Minute Maid. And lifetime, Roy is 112 54(.675), Santana 93 44(6.79). Both great winning percentages. So I going to have to see some of those more obscure numbers you were talking about before I can agree. One interesting little set of stats I did notice were related to fielding percentage, often overlooked when we compare arms: Oswalt .981, Santana .932. That pretty significant. Further, lifetime putouts and assists: Oswalt 110/193, Santana 59/147. That a whole lot more balls up the middle getting knocked down by our guy..

CORPUS CHRISTI Corpus Christi Teen Court will mark its 20th anniversary next month but instead of a celebration it will be the end of a program that has helped thousands of the city's youth. The nonprofit lost funding from its three longtime sponsors the city, Nueces County and the Corpus Christi Independent School District. Orlando Garcia, the program's executive director, said without that financial backing the court couldn't survive because there wasn't enough private donations and grants weren't available. The award winning court served as an alternative sentencing program for teens. Unlike a conventional court, the defendants were judged by a jury of teenagers. Senior District Judge Jack Hunter, the nonprofit's board president, said he sent out letters a few weeks ago to the City Council, Commissioners Court, school board and other elected officials asking for emergency funds to save the program. No help came. "It's sad for the community and for the young people that have been involved all these years," Hunter said. "They're the ones that are going to be the losers (in this)." Two years ago the three entities gave the nonprofit a combined $50,000 $30,000 of which came from the police department. Last year, that total dropped to $28,000 with $15,000 from the police department. The nonprofit started its current fiscal year in September with no financial backing from the three sponsors, Garcia said. The nonprofit was notified in a 2008 letter from then police Chief Bryan Smith that the department wouldn't be able to fund the program much longer. Garcia said that was because the city's portion had come from dwindling drug forfeiture funds. For a few months, the nonprofit kept going using only surplus funds. After those ran out, Garcia, who had been the only paid employee, stayed on. Garcia bought some supplies out of pocket and said he started working for free this month. Hunter told Garcia on Tuesday that it was time to shut it down. "Orlando would've gone on but I had to make the decision. I said, 'No, you need to take care of your family,'" Hunter said. The program officially will be dissolved on Jan. 29 20 years to the day from when the first court session was held. It already has stopped taking referrals. The last court session was in November. The news saddened former volunteers like Corpus Christi attorney Liza Aguilar Wood, who spent some of her high school years helping with the program. Wood, who served as a teen prosecutor and worked behind the scenes, said the experience left a lasting impression. She said the program was a success because teens had to work off their sentence instead of getting an easy way out. "Teenagers are harder on other teenagers because they know the lies the parents would fall for," Wood said. "You learn more of a lesson and say, 'I don't want to do that again.' " The court heard Class C misdemeanors, which are punishable by a fine. But instead of a fine, defendants were sentenced to community service, jury duty and sometimes ordered to write essays or letters of apology about their offense, Municipal Juvenile Court Judge Melissa Madrigal said. Madrigal, who spent a couple years volunteering with the program, said the punishments made the defendants get involved and also served as an educational tool on the justice system, Madrigal added. More than half of the cases were for traffic related offenses such as improper lane change or speeding. Other teens were sent to the court for violating curfew, disrupting class or fighting in school, according to court statistics. The program boasted a 96 percent completion rate. Teens who completed their sentences got much more than the benefit of a dismissed case. "It taught them responsibility and accountability and that there are consequences for your actions in this world," Hunter said. District Superintendent Scott Elliff said teen court has been a valuable program and stopping funding wasn't a board decision. The district had been using money from the Safe and Drug Free Schools program to help teen court each year, but federal funding has been on the decline. "Funding has been cut everywhere," Elliff said. "We had to cut $10 million from our budget to begin with." County Judge Loyd Neal said not funding the program this year was one of many tough decisions commissioners had to make. Each commissioner used to have about $25,000 to allocate to outside agencies. Every year some of the money was set aside for teen court, Neal said. But this year one of the budget cuts included slashing each commissioners amount to $20,000, which meant each commissioner had to re prioritize. 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Thus, military steel toe boots and also others in the very same group offer you really tough and also reliable safety in the toe part. Furthermore, ankles and also soles are properly cushioned to avoid wear and tear on the foot tissues which can take place as .

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