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Deck shoes were originally worn only by the sailors but nowadays they are worn by men of all kinds of profession. Meant for casual wear, these shoes go best with shorts or jeans and a polo t shirt. Now, if you are planning to dash up your looks with the season's hottest shoes hurry up and buy a pair soon. You can choose your deck shoe from a wide range of collection available in the online shoe stores. The Internet is filled up with various web portals or online shoe shops selling shoes of this style. Men's deck shoes are available in different shapes, styles and colours. Among the different styles and patterns available, Sebago Spinnaker deck shoes are the most popular. Men love wearing these shoes. These shoes feature nubuck/leather uppers with rawhide laces, rubber slip resistant soles and non corrosive brass eyelets and have become a must have in the closet of every fashion conscious men. Available in various colour combinations, they are the ones that are in craze among men. When wearing these shoes, men must always pair them with t shirts and light cotton trousers. Sperry top sider boat shoes have also become very popular among men. This is a leather lace up deck shoe. The shoe is made up of high quality material providing utmost comfort to the feet of the wearer. The stylish detailed stitches make the footwear the much craved one this season. Men's deck shoes are actually a combination of practicality, comfort and great look. These are classic style shoes and have been around in the market since the 1930s. Paul Sperry first introduced these shoes in the market. He was the founder of the shoe company, which bears his name still today. He was actually looking out for shoes that would not slip on a boat deck or get wet. He found none and then he started experimenting with the designs. He finally came up with an idea from his cocker spaniel dog's ability to run without getting slipped on the ice. The pattern of crevices and cracks of his dog's paws gave birth to the notion of a siping pattern on the rubber soles inspiring the design of the deck shoes of today. The styling of men's deck shoes have been inspired a lot by the pattern and construction of the moccasins. This is the reason why these deck shoes are soft, water repellent, and slip resistant and have hand sewn seams and elegant stitches. But, no matter what you choose, buy the dresses from the best site. Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Quilted,Flipping and twisting in the air, the shoe hit with a tinny clang that brought a smile across 15 year old Vaughn's face. Called a ringer,'' the pitch earned Vaughn three more points and a solid victory over his dad at Sunday's Ventura Open. The father and son were among the more than 30 horseshoe pitchers to gather at Barranca Vista Park in Ventura to participate in the city's first sanctioned horseshoe tournament sponsored by the Ventura Horseshoe Club. Sanctioned tournaments are regulated under the guidelines set out by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, a 76 year old organization with more than 15,000 members across the country. At Sunday's sanctioned tournament, participants were grouped into one of five classes of pitchers based on their pitching averages. Each contestant pitches a game against every other contestant in the same class. Scoring is kept by independent judges seated at the base of the pitching courts. I enjoy the challenge. The hardest part is concentrating on the stake itself,'' said Vaughn, who was placed into the same class with his father, John. Together, the two have attended three other tournaments in Southern California this year. The newest of 20 horseshoe pitching clubs in Southern California, the Ventura club opened its pitching facility at the park in April and kicked off its first tournament season Sunday. For Edmundo Rosas, the club's founding president, the day was the culmination of a long campaign to start a local league. About 12 years ago he and some friends began practicing on makeshift pitching areas, he said. The pits were made of sand instead of clay and so the shoes slid easily,'' said Rosas, who works as an equipment operator with the city of Ventura. Rosas approached the city in 1995 with the idea of converting an abandoned court in Barranca Vista Park into a permanent pitching area. In less than four months, the club already has attracted more than 70 players to the park facility, 30 of whom competed Sunday. The minute I heard about the new pitching area I wanted to join,'' said Alice Bailey of Ventura. Born and raised in the city, Bailey said her father put a horseshoe in her hand when she was still a small child and taught her how to pitch. Since February, when she joined, Bailey has improved her pitching average from 23 percent to more than 40 percent. At Sunday's tournament, Bailey competed with her sisters Carmen Fairweather of Bakersfield and Nancy Wingate of Ventura. We've always been competitive in sport against each other and against others,'' said Bailey. It's fun whether you win or lose though I'd rather win.'' In each game, participants pitch 40 shoes and are scored on the basis of their distance to the stake. The shoes which are not real horseshoes must meet national standards for weight (about 2 1/2 pounds) and shape. While women, children and men over 70 years of age pitch a distance of 30 feet, men pitch 40 feet, according to NHPA regulations. Pitchers qualify for regional and state championships based on the number of tournaments they participate in over the course of a year. The California state championships will be held in Davis over Labor Day weekend this year. Already 322 pitchers have registered for the two day tournament.3 Photos Photo: (1 ran in SIMI and CONEJO editions only) Carmen Fairweather of the Ventura Horseshoe Club takes aim during Sunday's Ventura Open at Barranca Vista Park. Thirty horseshoe pitchers participated in the tournament.

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