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Release Dates Of Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 Total Orange Neon Reflective Silver Wolf Grey Last year I was sued for one million dollars for a column headlined, "Jim Russell and the 'Boys in the Bund.' " Obviously, Russell did the suing. The amount of damages he was seeking amused me one million dollars. Isn't that the ransom money Dr. Evil demanded when he threatened to blow up the planet? Actually, I was just one among a slew of individually named defendants in Russell's defamation suit, a group that included three other employees of The Journal News; four journalists and commentators at Cablevision's News 12; the head of the Regional News Network; the chairman of the Westchester County Republican Party; Rep. Nita Lowey, D Harrison; and one or two other people I never heard of before. Everybody was sued for a million dollars. If Russell had done a little more assiduous Googling through the political blogosphere, he could've found even more people to sue. Russell was put under the microscope mainly for a 16 page essay he wrote 10 years ago for the Occidental Quarterly called "The Western Contribution to World History," a pseudo intellectual treatise on the supposed dangers of interracial marriage and other things. Called on it during the campaign, Russell danced around the issue but essentially stuck to his guns. As he later stated in court papers, anybody who questioned his views on race were applying "the contemporary political correctness test" and were "readers looking for racism and anti Jewish prejudice under every rock." He was partially right. Reading his stuff was a lot like looking under a rock. But Russell has his fans. The essay was posted on the website of David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. In my column, I left Duke out of the discussion. However, I noted how Russell referenced a number of historical figures who were known to hold anti Semitic opinions. I more or less pointed to the old expression about how if somebody talks, walks and swims with the ducks, then, heck, isn't it reasonable to conclude that the somebody in question is a duck? Bingo! That was what got me sued for one million dollars. When Russell's daffy duck ideas surfaced a couple of months before the election, he was disavowed by the Republican Party. So he sued the GOP chairman, Doug Colety, for, that's right, one million dollars. The election produced some interesting results. Lowey raised $2,062,770. Nevertheless, Russell, who couldn't be removed from the GOP ballot in time, still got 38 percent of the vote. Lowey's 62 percent showing represented the lowest margin of victory in her past seven elections. This may tell us a few things. First and perhaps foremost, the midterm elections were generally a disaster for Democrats, and incumbent fatigue may finally be closing in on Lowey. Second, it's likely that a lot of people who voted for Russell didn't know anything about him and would've voted for anybody on the GOP line. And third, some voters might actually agree with him. If the Republicans ever get their act together and find a credible candidate whom they have properly vetted, Lowey might actually get a genuine run for her money when the next election comes around. Whether Russell tries again on some obscure third party line remains to be seen. Well, you may have already guessed that Russell's lawsuit was tossed out. I wouldn't be writing about it now, if it hadn't been. The whole thing was bizarre on so many levels, not the least of which was the fact that Russell was represented by Charles Mills, an attorney and self styled essayist who bills himself as the "Confederate Lawyer." 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