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I seriously want to update this page, I been keeping notes on my HDD at home so it shouldn be too difficult. Wish me luck! Took the 12pm bus to Clayton today with Lihao and Ian. They had lunch at the Chinese restaurant down the road (or was it Mcdonalds while I ate at the Indian restaurant I love their food, much better than the stuff back home. I managed to catch the bus back to the halls with Ian, Lihao went to Springvale for the IT market. I rested for a while, packed my bag then took a bus to Clayton at 3.30pm. I took a train to city and did something very silly I boarded the train using a Zone 2 ticket, and tried to get off at Melbourne Central(Zone 1) with the same ticket! Luckily the station was deserted and there was only one official and he was busy on the phone, so I just waved my ticket at him and used the manual gate whew! I wandered around for a bit then took the 5pm train to Hoppers Crossing. After that I bought dynamo and water from Coles, and several truffles and marzipan stuff from the Chocolate Box they were having a closing sale and everything was on sale! I changed my Euro dollars to AUD, then walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus, but didn know that it comes every two hours on saturdays! I hung around coles browsing all the fun food products they have, the bus eventually came at 5pm. By the time I reached home it was 5.40pm and I was very, very tired :( Joe was going back today but I was too tired to follow Lihao, Ian and Francis so I stayed in my room while they went to the airport. After class Simon picked me up from the bus loop and we drove to Caulfield and took a tram to city. We met up with Tammy friend Dylan, who studying in RMIT I think. We had lunch at Hungry Jacks then walked around, Simon was looking for a car audio system and Dylan wanted to buy stuff from Body Shop. We stopped by Target where I bought a bicycle lock, since I thinking about borrowing Abang Siva bike so I can cycle around for exercise. We had lunch while watching Babylon 5, then Joe suddenly remembered he had to pass up his Chinese IT assignment, so we quickly took a bus to campus and walked along Bedoe Ave. looking for his teacher house. I waited outside while his work was being reviewed, then we walked to the bus loop and took a bus to clayton. We took a train to city then walked around since Joe wanted to do some last minute shopping. We had some bubble tea (turns out I really hate pearls what are they made of anyway Yuck!), visited Mindstorm (something like Mindshop) and a few other shops (bookstores mostly), finally we ate an early dinner at Hungry Jacks near Melbourne Central. I guess I must have lazed around for the rest of the night. We tried out one of the shoe shops there but they didn have what I wanted so we went further to Myers. The sports dept there is really huge, and I spent an hour trying out different shoes but they didn have the right size (10.5 inci) for the ones I wanted and since I really needed a pair of shoes and the salesman had already gone to a lot of trouble bringing out sooo many pairs for me to try, I settled for a pair of Puma shoes which he had. Not quite what I wanted, but I guess they do. Abang Siva unexpectedly paid for my shoes (AUD100), then walked me back to the train station. By the time I got there it was 11.45am, and the next train was 12.10pm. So by the time I reached Clayton and caught a bus, I reached the lab for the last 15mins of tute hahaha :) Borgy didn mind, so I hung around for a bit. At 1.30pm Lihao, Ian and I went to Southland, we walked around, they got some nice shops there, especially this shop which sold medieval swords and shields. Canggih stuff!!! They even had Braveheart, LoTR and japanese style designs. In the end I bought some protein powder from GNC, we walked around a bit more then headed down to the bus stop at 5pm. I bought myself a chocolate thick shake, it wasn bad, and it was a good thing I finished it before the bus came, we can eat/drink on the bus. I called Bel at 10pm and we talked for an hour, then I spoke to Choon for a few mins, but we got cut off and I didn have any more change. I went to the computer store and ordered a Verbatim notebook stand like the one LiHao has, the guy said it take at most a week and since I don need it urgently so I agreed to his terms. Then I went to the phone shop and bought an AUD56 Ezycom card, got membership too so next time I get a 10% discount. It was almost 12.30pm so I went for class with the others. After class LiHao, Ian and I took a bus to Clayton I ate at the indian restoran while the others went somewhere else. LiHao said he wanted to go Southland and I wanted to follow, but he had some things to settle first so I waited and waited actually fell asleep with the door open! He came back after 5pm, turns out his fren was going back today so LiHao had to some stuff. Since I was already sleepy I decided to sleep until past 8pm hehe :) I called Abang Siva and arranged to go shoe shopping with him tomorrow since he has a Myers discount card, hope I make it back in time for the tute! I was quite full so I didn feel like eating, after the other 2 fellas had dinner we watched Simpsons on my computer I found an excellent website to d/l the latest Simpsons eps, so we set a nice nightly routine to watch Simpsons heh :) After the show I surfed awhile, then went out with Simon at 11pm. We drove to Coles Clayton, then went to Coles Chadstone, where I bought milk, some Oat Honey Cereal (yum!), Tim tams (biscuits) and a milky bar. We went to Mcdonalds on the way back, I just had a coke and my milky bar which turned out to be WAY too sweet for me, made me feel kinda ill actually. Simon just had a sundae. Luckily we finished at midnight, that when the McD ppl kicked us out so they could close shop. After that Simon sent me back to Richardson and I went to sleep. Plans for tomorrow: Go city in the morning, then go tute. The lecture ended at 11.30am, then the 5 of us walked to Campus Centre to eat. As expected there was nothing for me to eat apart from donuts and other sweet stuff, though I was fortunate to find a spinach roll incredibly oily! We bumped into Francis who joined us, and we sat around until it was time for tute, and made plans to go Chadstone afterwards, I needed to buy a new pair of shoes. My Nike shoes needed replacing since a few months after I bought it, and I been using them since SAM! I finally decided this morning that I should buy myself a pair. The tute was ok, our tutor name is Agustinus Borgy Wahluyo really really cool name! After that Ian, KJ, LiHao, Joe, Francis and me took a bus to Chadstone. Chadstone is a really big shopping mall, actually its the biggest here, but only equivalent to 2 stories of KLCC (haha so its quite small by our standards!). We went to the food court first for lunch, there was a kebab place there called Adonis, but I wasn sure whether it was halal or not, and Joe was so nice he went and asked them whether it was, and they said yes! So Francis, Joe and I had lamb and chicken souvlakis (another name for kebab), Lihao had some noodles, KJ had a chocolate shake and I don think Ian had anything. Haha Francis said the Adonis ppl are normally not so friendly, but today since Joe asked the halal question, they were really friendly! I was quite happy to taste meat again too! We went to several shoe stores, but none of them carried Reebok which was the brand I wanted since its never failed me before, unlike Nike (when it comes to walking shoes). Francis walked home, the rest of us went to Coles Ian, Lihao and KJ left Coles early and by the time Joe and I came out at 4.59pm, they had boarded the bus and left! :( Anyway Joe and I went to the newsagent and browsed around, he showed me this Episode One calendar he wanted to buy quite cool lots of nice artwork. We took the 5.20 bus back, Joe got off at an earlier station whereas I got off at the bus loop and walked back to the halls its a good thing Clayton campus it a LOT smaller than the aerial shots led me to believe ;) Dinner was some vege rolls I tapaued from Adonis, and I finally got to shave myself (I had forgotten to bring my shaving cream). The Gillette Gel seems better than the standard cream, and I realised something weird my hair grows slower in Australia! It grows at 50% my normal rate, so instead of shaving every 2 days I only need to shave every 4 days hehe :) I called Bel at 6pm, silly me I forgot that it was only 3pm in Malaysia and it turns out she was sleeping so I talked to my sister a little bit. I spent a lot of time trying to get tmnet mail to work, still can get smtp to run! I called Bel again at 10pm and we talked until my card ran out almost an hour! I should buy a bigger card next time, AUD10 doesn last long enough. 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A successful system or manual or some recommendations will help you attain your objectives You'll find three invaluable recommendations in the followig paragraphs that will assist you onward to being successful. Implementing the tips below will give you a great advantage and enhance the possibilities of your success. In currency trading it's all about having an edge on the market and also this signifies having an advantage on the other tradersWhen you start to trade currencies, it's going to be extremely important to do stuff properly. Failing to achieve this could trigger unfortunate results. Keep Yourself Well informedIt is important to become knowledgeable because it stops you against making mistakes in your trading that could be expensive. . Unable to get this done may result in you entering incorrect trades or not closing out your trades, both of which will result in you losing money. . And that means you should not make the mistake of neglecting this specific word of advice!2. Know The Big RisksPretty much as necessary as teaching yourself when you are dealing with forex is to know the high risks. You need to comprehend that this isn't a thing to ignore. It can help to make sure that you are using the right mind set when you approach your trading, which is some thing every person engaged in currency trading wishes for.3. Choosing The Best Software PackagesAs A Final Point, when trading Forex you need to be specific and pick the best software package. This can help with getting in and out of the market rapidly, a major component of foreign exchange. If you have knowledge what's going on you'll be able to react to it quickly and make large profits that other folks missed! Next >Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 October 2011 12:57Who's OnlineWe have 157 guests and 4 members online Adamanelswestair201203alisonreid Site StatisticMembers : 51010 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15248114 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue Glow White Black Volt,Flexpoint Sensor Systems, developers of the Bend Sensor a flexible single layer thin film sensor which can be produced in a broad range of custom configurations and offers engineers a way to measure tiny, discrete variations by registering the fine detail of bending or movement which occurs, was pleased to report completion today via their sports division of the software and in shoe electronics required for a new running shoe application of the Bend Sensor technology. Developed in conjunction with fellow industry operator, Bend Tech, LLC, which is located just north of the Draper headquartered FLXT in Sandy, Utah, this newly created solution has broad ranging potential impact for the footwear industry as a whole, and the sport shoe related category in particular will no doubt become a sizeable customer. Utilizing a combination of ruggedized microelectronics, including tiny circuit boards and a small wireless node, the set up runs off a small wireless rechargeable battery and they have already created an intuitive smartphone interface for further development purposes. Implementations are already hitting the web for this brilliant little solution and the implications for this technology from watching the YouTube video demo should be immediately apparent. We are talking live feed foot sensor technology here folks and the sports science market implications are immense, with potential impact in everything from golf stance analytics to football and Olympic Athlete performance tuning. There are multiple media content driving and raw functionality analytics implications here for future development, enough to whet any savvy investors whistle and the only thing missing now is a sweet deal with a big shoe brand. The FLXT and Bend Tech duo is now positioned perfectly to aggressively pursue the major shoe manufacturers and Bend Tech is already in touch with several big name manufacturers over tech demos of the new solution. Real time feedback on a runner or other athlete's performance is an app developer's dream come true and the broader consumer market for such a simple yet robust solution is huge. Bringing the same suite of training and proper technique teaching tools the pros will use to the Average Joe runner or golfer is a no brainer from a sales standpoint and even the lay investor can immediately recognize the numerous potential applications for this new implementation of the FLXT Bend Sensor. The sensitivity of the Bend Sensor allows for more granular data than one might expect even, opening the door to real time analytics on aspects like balance, cadence, ground contact interval, shoe load profile and other performance characteristic data sets (again, the software development bonanza here is obvious), bringing the same kind of workflows that professional race car drivers have used for years to fine tune their machines and driving for the circuit, now into the world of athletic footwear. Sensitive technology like this simply wasn't possible for footwear applications until FLXT's Bend Sensor, whose extremely robust shielded single layer design prevents degradation from dirt and other particulate matter, while also protecting the sensor from water, mud, sweat, or chemicals and other fluids it may be exposed to during use. Extremely fast response time from the sensor is another key performance aspect here and the sheer amount of actionable performance intelligence that can be derived from the copious, extremely dense data that is captured and stored, is enough to provide real, immediate benefit for training and competition injury prevention markets. Trainers can now more easily identify performance risks embedded in the nuanced technique long before they develop into habits and the athletes themselves will no doubt soon have access to even better data visualizations than the current incarnation, really giving them an easy to grasp and interpret expression of their performance, one which can be more easily applied to altering their technique. You tack on rich social media integration and training logs that can become a leaping off point for audience engagement, as well as rapid feedback or analysis, and this new shoe tech really starts to sell itself. Clark Mower, President of FLXT, spoke warmly of the innumerable applications for this technology and couldn't hold back his genuine excitement at the prospects, emphasizing in particular the real time linking to smartphones and other currently available technologies, further stressing that we should see a market release for the new offering within the course of this year. Impressive new application for the Bend Sensor, which already has widespread potential across the automotive sector for a variety of detection roles (FLXT currently holds two patents in horn switch applications for instance), as well as in the industrial controls sector, among medical device technology and even in children's toys.

Release Dates Of Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue Glow White Black Volt,Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Grey Pink Quilted Wire Shoe Racks An Inexpensive Way to Organize!A wire shoe rack is a great, inexpensive way to organize your shoes. I've used one for years to keep my husband's couple of pair of shoes organized. It was very inexpensive, and we still have it over ten years later! There are a few types of wire shoe racks. We have one for the floor. However, the ones that hang on the back of the closet door seem like an excellent way to save space. They also can hold significantly more shoes. If that is the option you would like, the Whitmor shoe rack pictured to the left is a consistent best seller over at Amazon with excellent reviews. There are also wire shoe shelves if you would prefer that. Feel free to keep looking through this article to see the best reviewed shoe racks sorted according to type. If you already know what you are looking for, use the table of contents to hop down to that section! All pictures courtesy of Amazon unless otherwise noted. Find the shoe rack pictured to the left Tall Wire Shoe OrganizersThis set consists of wire shoe organizers that are three shelves high or taller. If you want a smaller shoe rack, there are two shelf racks in the floor wire shoe rack section. These bigger racks work better in a walk in closet or in your bedroom. You can place them under shorter hanging clothes, such as shirts. Some of them are attractive enough to be used in an entryway. Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue Glow White Black Volt A Z Sports Athletics Boxing Cricket Cycling Disability Sport Football Formula 1 Gaelic Games Golf Horse Racing Motorsport Olympic Sports Rugby League Rugby Union Snooker Swimming Tennis Winter Sports Full Sports A Z Events Glasgow 2014 World Cup 2014 Around the UK England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Programmes Match of the Day 5 Live Sport Sport on the BBC Get Inspired All Programmes BBC links Mobile siteTerms of UseAbout the BBC PrivacyAccessibility Help CookiesContact the BBC Parental Guidance BBC 2014 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more. This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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