Click Here To See a Great Range Of Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White Clearance Sale Fast Shipping. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Grey Gym Red Looking For Cheap Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White With Cheapest Price And Top Quality On Behalf of My Family: Thank You 06/20/13by Jennifer JohnsonI don't know where to begin this blog.I don't know where to begin a list of people who have given my family support or gifts or money to Golisano Children's Hospital in memory of my daughter Grace.She died on February 16, 2013 from complications from her 5th surgery. (see the 13WHAM story about her life here)I don't know where to begin as I can't wrap my head around all the love that has come our way. plus the grieving process has left my head spinning.Cards, flowers, food, memory jewelry, pictures, blankets, pillows, books, trees.Sentiments have come from other mothers and fathers in our community who have lost children to illness, murder, accidents and war. It's comforting knowing that other good people have traveled this cruel road.Last fall my husband and I, along with the 18 local Kiwanis Clubs (they make up the Genesee Division Kiwanis) launched a campaign to raise $100,000 for a NICU room in the new Golisano Children's Hospital that is under construction now. We had 5 years to meet the goal. We succeeded sometime this past spring. The room will be named in Grace's honor.But the generosity continues above and beyond that.Friends, family, co workers, 13WHAM viewers and total strangers donated almost $20,000 to our Amazing Grace team as we walked in the Stroll for Strong kids June 1st, a fundraiser for the hospital.Friends and local businesses organized a celebration of Grace's life on June 6th that was held at the newly remodeled Strathallen Hotel. Everyone wore pink in her honor. Another $26,000 was raised that night.These are the exciting times. The quiet times are tough. The reality that she is gone is really setting in.But I am picked up almost daily by emails and Facebook messages of people who want to do something for the hospital in Grace's name.A zumba fundraiser, an arts and craft fair, high school kids who class I visited and shared Grace's story.Kids who empty their piggy banks, businesses who collect donations as part of customer appreciation days, exercise classes who donate a dollar for every pound lost.Kiwanis events by adult and kid Kiwanis clubs, a benefit concert at a college campus, friends who will be making a donation to the hospital in lieu of gifts for the guests at their upcoming wedding.And just this week Emily from Palmyra.I received a really nice note from her a while back. More recently she had her 8th birthday and instead of asking for gifts, she asked for donations for the hospital in Grace's name. She got $144 and then found $1.29 in the couch for a total of $145.29. (Click the "slideshow" above to see her proudly holding her donation)Losing a child sucks. Plain and simple.But knowing that people loved her (whether they had met her or not) and that she made an impact helps. While I wish she was alive and I could watch her tough but tender spirit grow into what I'm sure would have been an outstanding woman who would have created her own legacy, I am instead honored that her legacy will live on at the hospital thanks to so much support from so many of you."Thank you" hardly seems like enough, but I don't know what else to say. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or distributed..

A paddle rafting tour down the Grand Canyon is perhaps the ultimate white water trip, for those who are in good physical condition, and love to get in and work with the tour leaders in paddling and guiding the raft down the river. Trips range from one to fifteen days, and on occasion, even longer. Because the Grand Canyon portion of the Colorado has more levels of rapids than anywhere else in the world (levels 1 10), visitors should be very familiar with their own strength and ability to work hard with a small team to ensure the safety of everyone on the raft. Participants should expect to be paddling the entire time they are on the raft. The guide provides instructions before setting out on the water. Proper shoes and clothing are important; sunscreen is essential. Those on the raft should definitely expect to get wet while out on the river. Self bailing rafts are designed for use in the Grand Canyon, allowing for quick response in the rapids. 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Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White,The Minnesota Timberwolves have played just one game in the past six nights, a rare December oasis in the schedule. The break has enabled the team's two injured stars, Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, to get reconditioned and reacquainted with both each other and the upgraded roster personnel in a relatively leisurely and luxurious manner at this point in the season. Love notoriously broke his shooting hand doing knuckle push ups on Oct. 17 and was originally estimated to miss six to eight weeks because of the injury. This Wednesday will be exactly eight weeks since it happened, but Love bum rushed his way back into action in five weeks, beginning Nov. 21 versus Denver. Since then, he has performed with the sporadic splendor of a uniquely gifted performer trying to regain his equilibrium. The Wolves, who were 5 4 in his absence, are 4 5 since his return. The careening caliber of his play thus far is encapsulated in his last two games. Against the Celtics in Boston last Wednesday, he was throttled by Kevin Garnett and company into a 6 for 15 shooting performance that included just three baskets in six attempts right at the rim and a 1 for 5 display of clanking from three point territory. That's not so different than Love's overall numbers thus far this season he's shooting just 38.2 percent from the field and 21.6 percent from long range and he acknowledged that the broken hand has affected his stroke. Meanwhile, he was looking even more inept at the other end of the court, particularly during Boston's decisive third quarter surge when Brandon Bass befuddled him with fundamental midrange jumpers and baseline drives to the hoop. "He was frustrated with his offense and he let that affect his defense," says assistant coach Bill Bayno, whose emphasis is the Wolves' defense. "But that's just part of his road to maturity. He came back and played really well in the last game and has been really good in practice since then." Indeed, Friday night against Cleveland, with star points guards Kyrie Irving of the Cavs and Rubio of the Wolves both sidelined with injuries, the marquee matchup of the evening involved Love against Cleveland's Anderson Varejao, the NBA's leading rebounder this season, who, like Love, is known for his blue collar work ethic. Love annihilated Varejao, who came into the game averaging 15 points on better than 50 percent shooting, and finished with just 4 points while going 2 for 10 from the field. He did outrebound Love by a narrow 14 13 margin, a statistic dwarfed by the 34 points put up by Love, who overwhelmed a succession of Cleveland big men. Initially, the assignment belonged to Tristan Thompson, as Cavs coach Byron Scott tried to keep Varejao out of foul trouble by cross matching him against Nikola Pekovic at Cleveland's defensive end. But eventually Varejao, Tyler Zeller and Samardo Samuels all had their fruitless stints trying to contain Love. At the end of the night, Thompson, Varejao and Zeller were all saddled with five fouls (Samardo added another two in just 6:49 of action) and Love had taken a whopping 18 trips to the free throw line, double the amount amassed by the entire Cavaliers team. Perfecting the art of not foulingThe Love generated dominance by Minnesota at the free throw line was the blatant reason for the Wolves' victory. Cleveland matched Minnesota in field goals made (30) and points in the paint (38), was only minus 1 in fast break points (14 13) and minus 2 in second chance points (12 10) and actually bested the Wolves in three pointers made, 7 to 4. But Minnesota shot 27 for 35 from the line, compared with Cleveland's 6 for 9, a 21 point difference in a game decided by 18 points. After the game, Byron Scott ripped the officials for the disparity in fouls and free throws between the two teams, to the point where he was fined $25,000 by the NBA for his criticism. While his rant was understandable under the circumstances, the free throw disparity wasn't an aberration for Minnesota. In fact, as I mentioned last Thursday, it's been a secret key to the Wolves' success thus far this season. Only two teams, the Lakers and Thunder, generate more free throws than the 27.1 per game amassed by the Wolves (and the Lakers' total is highly inflated by their opponents' desire to send terrible free throw shooter Dwight Howard to the line). And no team in the NBA limits teams to less than 20 free throws per game other than Minnesota at 19.78. The Wolves' ability to avoid fouling is a significant reason why the team now ranks second only to Memphis in defensive efficiency (fewest points allowed per opponents' possession). "That's been one of our goals since training camp," says Bayno of the team's "no foul, no harm" style of defense. We talk about contain and contest: You want to keep the man in front of you and just give up contested jump shots. "But I think the biggest thing is preventing what we preach the players should do on offense: If you get contact, what we call 'shoulder hits,' you keep driving and use your inside shoulder. If you're going right, [you would lead with] your left shoulder and if you're going left it would be your right shoulder. "And so conversely, when teams try to shoulder hit us, we talk about getting off the body and just standing tall." Here Bayno thrusts his shoulders back and puts his arms directly over his head. "We don't bail them out by staying aggressive. Once they hit you, then you've got to back off a little and try to force a floater instead of fouling them every time by staying aggressive. I think we have smart players who have picked up on that." This is an especially shrewd strategy at a time when the NBA is making a conscious effort to reduce both flopping by defensive players trying to draw the charge and glaring aggression by offensive players simply trying to draw the shooting foul. Bayno agreed with my observation that forward Dante Cunningham and center Nikola Pekovic are among the best on the team at this contest and contain, then straighten up tall procedure, and added guards Luke Ridnour and Alexey Shved to the list. REUTERS/Eric MillerThe Kevin Love generated dominance by Minnesota at the free throw line was the blatant reason for the Wolves' victory over Cleveland. What about Andrei Kirilenko? The Russian marvel, clearly the Wolves' wing stopper and best overall performer on defense, has committed a mere 16 fouls in the 14 games he's played thus far this season, an astoundingly low number for someone with his activity and responsibility at that end of the court. "That's all AK," Bayno responds. "That's just him being in the league forever. He's as smart a player as there is, just a crafty vet who knows how to play without fouling." Kirilenko essentially confirms this when asked about his lack of fouling. "We're trying not to give them easy points from the free throw line. So for the most part, I'm only going to foul when it is really necessary," he says, as if it were just that simple. But there is another reason for AK's special expertise here. For 10 seasons, he played under coach Jerry Sloan in Utah, and Sloan's philosophy was to switch off as infrequently as possible on pick and rolls and other set plays by opposing offenses. Consequently, Sloan's teams were chronically among the league leaders in fouls committed, and while Kirilenko remained remarkably foul free compared with his teammates, it was less obvious relative to the rest of the NBA. Now that impediment is gone and Kirilenko is rivaling the fouling infrequency of Tayshaun Prince in his prime, who was arguably the best in NBA history in this particular category among wing stoppers. As he puts it, "I think switching really helps because in Jerry's system we always stayed with our man, and that causes a couple of fouls when you maybe have to grab your man or cheat a little bit because of the screen." Sloan's system may also be responsible for Kirilenko's distinctively choppy gait. Long strides are counterproductive to your center of gravity and abrupt change in direction when you are trying to fight through or around picks to stay with your man. Along with the mincing steps that have become his trademark, being a wiry 6 9 and an 11 year veteran certainly doesn't hurt. "He uses his length so well, and it is contagious," Bayno says. He also epitomizes what head coach Rick Adelman describes as the reason for his team's lack of fouls: "For the most part, we are getting our position early. We don't have a lot of shot blockers but we take up room." The upcoming game against Denver on Wednesday will provide a stiff test of the team's ability to limit free throws. Coach George Karl's team is almost always among the NBA leaders in free throw attempts. In their first meeting in late November, the Nuggets got to the line 26 times and sank six more free throws to account for almost all of their victorious seven point margin. "They are a great shoulder hit team," Bayno says. "They really do a great job of creating and drawing contact." When it was mentioned that Denver beat the Wolves last time by launching skip passes (floor width feeds from side to side) over a packed in defense and hitting three point jumpers to loosen up the Wolves, he replies, "You have to live with that with Denver. You want to force them to beat you with the three and if they make a few, your adjustment isn't just to spread out and open up the paint. It is to close out harder on the shooter. The last time they got a little bit of both out of us, penetrating, then hitting threes, then penetrating again when we spread out. "People guard things a lot of different ways," Bayno continued. "No matter what your schemes, the bottom line is taking the paint away and contesting shots. I think [the Wolves] have bought into that, which is why we are where we are. "Right now we are trying to challenge them. We put the defensive stats up in the locker room every Friday. The free throw attempts are up there, and we do defensive rebounding, field goal percentage defense and then the cumulative of where we rank. So we are trying to motivate them to take pride in the fact that they are buying in and it is paying off." And on the horizon is a guy named Rubio, who will improve the Wolves in myriad ways that I'll touch on in Friday's column, on the cusp of his expected return sometime this weekend either Friday in New Orleans, or, more likely, at home Saturday against Dallas. But for now, let Bayno explain how the floppy haired Spaniard will elevate what is already an effective defense.

You Wont Be Worried About Gaining Fake Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White,Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Yesterday, he found himself trapped between two of his exes at Mehboob Studio Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. The instinct to run in a situation like this is natural, and Salman is only a man after all even if he insists on wearing a loin cloth in Veer. He succumbed to it instantly, looking wildly about him, muttering, 'Yeh kya ho raha hai? Pagal ho gaye ho kya?' Our heart bleeds for Salman. Sandwiched between two beautiful women and not even able to enjoy it. Instead, it was probably his worst nightmare come true. How did he land himself in such an unenviable spot? This is how the disastrous love(lorn) triangle came together: Aishwarya was shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Guzaarish at Mehboob Studios in Bandra since morning. Two hours later, Katrina Kaif walked in to shoot for an ad and her vanity van was parked a short distance from Aishwarya's. An hour later, Salman walked in for interviews of Veer. To his horror, he found his van parked between Aishwarya and Katrina's vans. He couldn't run and couldn't hide in his van either. Despite muttered protests, his van was not moved as there was no other decent place to give the interviews. Bechara Salman had to be content with giving most of his interviews outside his van, with Aishwarya and Katrina waltzing in and out of their respective vans every now and then. As it is Salman's accent appears and disappears at will. We wonder what kind of bytes the media ended up with? Very high pitched ones, we think! About usAdvertise with usTerms of Use and Grievance Redressal PolicyPrivacy policyFeedbackLiving and entertainmentHot on the Web. Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White See Jon and Kate Gosselin through the years"Christian is absolutely not starting a kids' clothing line with Jon," a rep for Audigier tells Us. "As of right now, there is no clothing line in the works between them at all."Gosselin an Ed Hardy fan and his 22 year old girlfriend Hailey Glassman spent the past few days on board Audigier's yacht in St. Tropez in the French Riviera.See more controversial reality show romancesOn Sunday, E! News reported the father of eight and Audigier met up in France to go over a possible business partnership."We would like to do a line of children's clothing," Audigier, 51, told E! News.He added: "They're having fun. I"m taking care of them."See more photos of Jon and ex girlfriend Deanna Hummel.Why would the 32 year old unemployed star of Jon Kate Plus 8 want to delve into this line of work? He has long been a fan of Audigier's hip clothing line.On June 4, he wore a $275 red sweatshirt while unpacking luggage outside his home in Wernersville Pa. Two days later while taking 8 year old twins Cara and Mady to see Disney's Up he donned a pair of $150 Ed Hardy jungle inspired jeans (featuring two angry tigers on the rear).See photos of Jon and Kate in the weeks before their divorce announcement."He seems to love our clothing," Tara Malia Gregory, the company's marketing director, previously told Us. But, no matter what you choose, buy the dresses .

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