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It's Freaking Impossible to Get TreatmentIf you're lucky enough to have generalized anxiety/PTSD/phobia/obsessive compulsive disorder (to list the most common disorders), you may already have a pretty solid understanding of this entry since, statistically speaking, no one has ever helped you. Just because your brain has turned on you faster than your drunken aunt at Christmas dinner doesn't mean you're actually going to get a ticket on the treatment train to Curesville. Of the 46 million Americans with a mental health problem, only 38 percent end up getting treatment. Among those who don't, 7 percent don't want anyone to find out they have a problem, 17 percent don't know where to go, and 50 percent just plum can't afford it. Doctors who specialize in making sure your brain doesn't have a demon shitting in it are the hardest doctors in the country to find: Almost 90 million Americans live in "Mental Health Professional Shortage Areas." What does that mean? Well, take a look at this chart: It means that in parts of our country, there is one psychiatrist for every 30,000 citizens. Considering that 1 in 4 Americans has a diagnosable mental disorder, that's roughly the equivalent of a single NFL referee explaining the last call to each person in the stands individually. But that's just the numbers icing on the can't get treatment cake. The real problem here is shame, which I guess is trans fat in this metaphor. Christ, I'm hungry. The thing that sets mental health problems apart is that no one's ashamed of getting the flu, and fighting something like cancer even wins you some social bonus points. But aside from the occasional Oscar bait Ron Howard flick about triumphantly overcoming your cartoonishly simplified version of schizophrenia, insanity is just comedy fodder. Once you're diagnosed as mentally ill, if you're not about acting weird ("You total nut job!" or "That's mental" if you're Ron Weasley), your entire experience will be dismissed as something quirky ("I have such OCD about not wanting dog poop in my pasta!"). And since most mental illnesses are easy enough to hide, it can seem simpler to just not tell anyone and suffer alone. And that's the problem: If you skip your cancer treatment, everyone will think you're crazy. But unlike the flu, you can't just get over most mental illnesses. They're like the One Ring of Power: The longer you keep one around, the worse its hold over you gets. So you decide to take off your shoes and walk your creepy looking feet to the local volcano to finally do something about it. But when you show up, you find 17 different pools of lava and 20 different volcano guides telling you you're at the wrong one, because . 4. The "System" Is Made of a Bunch of Organizations That Don't CommunicateWhen you hear the phrase "mental health care system," you probably imagine a bunch of organizations passing files around and wearing fancy suits and using big businessy words with each other, but in reality, there's pretty much no inter departmental coordination in mental health care. According to experts, they all just stumble around like visiting family members in the kitchen over the holidays: They're ostensibly working toward the same goal, but doing so in totally different ways, stubbornly insisting that theirs is the only way that makes sense, utterly refusing to talk about it, and drinking lots of cheap red wine while calling your cousin a worthless whore. If you're a kid with an illness, the school you attend, your counselor, and the juvenile justice system (which you will ) are all likely to recommend totally different things or even repeat treatments just because paperwork hasn't been exchanged properly. Experts insist that "system" isn't even an appropriate word to describe it, but I suppose "clusterfuck" isn't entirely appropriate for textbooks and government reports. And every part of the system is specialized. An emergency room, for example, can help someone who is on the verge of hurting himself, but once that immediate problem is treated, they're done. The patient is sent home with a stern "don't try to kill yourself again," and nothing treats severe depression better than a stranger in a white coat making perfunctory professional remarks."I'm writing you a prescription of 'stop being depressed.' Take one a day, forever." It's such a mess that people in desperate need of help have no idea what to do or who to contact. Parents have actually called the cops on their own kids to get them arrested, hoping that throwing them headlong into the system would actually get them the help they need. That might help explain why half the people in prison have mental health problems. I (briefly) taught a poetry workshop in a federal prison, and to me, that fraction seems a bit small but it helps explain why so many people in prison end up reoffending when they get out. No matter what fucked up game your brain is playing on you, being locked in a tiny room isn't going to help. 3. Mental Illness Has a Lifetime MembershipWhile many physical illnesses are recurring, most mental illnesses last forever. No matter your treatment, you never get to slay that final boss and teabag his smoldering corpse because there are no cures for mental illnesses. That pill you take? That therapy? Whatever it is, there's no solution you're working toward you're just trying to make it as easy as possible to live with and manage your affliction. It's part of your life now. Forever, like a bad case of "I'd like to hear some funky Dixieland" echoing in your thoughts until the day of your sweet, mortal release. Even after your symptoms disappear. What sets this apart from most recurring physical illnesses is that the stigma stays with you, too. That difficulty finding a job we mentioned earlier? That's not something that goes away once you get treatment you just learn how to manage it so you don't end up rotting away in your apartment as, one by one, the utilities disappear. The best you can hope for is going into "remission," but since "the lack of symptoms alone is not an adequate gauge of remission," lots of people will never feel like they have any control over when that remission happens, or what it even is. You're just waiting for someone else to tell you that your brain is working again. It's why physical doctors can take on so many patients. It's in and out. Mental health care, however, is oftentimes a lifelong commitment involving not only medication, but counseling and psychiatric evaluations that require more frequent trips to the doctor and close personal interaction. Treating a cold is easy because the symptoms are always the same and it goes away on its own. Treating any of the five types of schizophrenia is an ongoing process that requires constant medication and professional monitoring. Just getting a correct diagnosis of the problem can take months. Sometimes, years..

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Sure, Klaus has daggered his sister many times before, but on tonight's episode, he took things to a whole new level of desperation. He was ready to plunge that dagger into Rebekah's heart permanently and kill Marcel for her betrayal. It was nothing short of terrifying in the best way possible, of course. This wasn't The Originals' finest hour that honor belongs to Episode 13 but "Long Way Back From Hell" comes in a pretty close second. It combined the creepiness of American Horror Story with the tragic family dynamics of Game of Thrones, and from start to finish, it was a thrill ride. We start at the abandoned sanitorium, where Genevieve and Celeste have locked away Klaus and Rebekah. Why the sanitorium? Because it's the place where Rebekah and Genevieve first met back in 1919. They were nurses during the influenza epidemic. Despite using her for her and Marcel's master plan to bring Mikael back to town, Rebekah strikes up a friendship with the young witch. This, of course, only makes this more heartbreaking when Rebekah uses Genevieve for her plan. Once the locator spell is completed, Rebekah starts to have second thoughts, but when she goes to call the whole thing off, Genevieve tells her it's too late. Mikael has already been contacted. That's when the plan starts to unravel and Genevieve realizes Rebekah's friendship had all been a lie. She had been used in this twisted family feud. In an effort to keep her secret under wraps, Rebekah infects Genevieve with influenza along with another young nurse we later learn was Celeste and has her quarantined to die. Yikes. Now can you see why Genevieve is so angry with Rebekah? Not only was she used by the blonde vamp, but she was also killed because of Rebekah's guilty conscience. So it's no surprise that Genevieve's master plan was to explain the entire thing to Klaus and when she does, he is NOT happy. [Cue a panic inducing scene in which Klaus chases Rebekah around the abandoned sanitorium with a dagger.] While his siblings are starting World War III, Elijah is going through his own personal hell trapped in a game with Celeste. She made him choose between his siblings and Hayley, and now she's mocking him with a little hex. At Sophie's consecration ceremony Monique gives Elijah a gift from Celeste and it just so happens to be a riddle that marks his (incredibly chiseled) chest. There are names all over his chest names of witches Celeste has inhabited over the centuries. And Elijah, Marcel, and Hayley need to put the pieces together fast because the longer the game, the longer Klaus and Rebekah suffer. [Side note: It took us a while to get onboard, but now we're totally shipping Hayley and Elijah. Our TV screens were literally sparking after that Haylijah scene. Plus, seeing Hayley wack Celeste over the head with a shovel was a definitely high point for her character. It finally feels like Hayley is a player in the game and not the Mary Sue character that needs to be rescued all of the time.] Luckily, Elijah is able to figure out the puzzle with a little intel from Marcel, who reveals his and Rebekah's plan to bring Mikael to New Orleans nearly a century ago. Needless to say, Elijah is not happy with Marcel. His foolish plan cost his family the only true happiness they had ever known. But Elijah knows that if Klaus finds out about this betrayal, he'll be after Rebekah's blood, so he puts his anger aside to go rescue his sister. Back at the sanitorium, Klaus threatens to makes Rebekah's life miserable with the hexed dagger Genevieve had given him. It basically makes his desiccation daggers look like a fun time. Rebekah puts up a good fight, but she's no match for her hybrid brother, who's running on pure anger at this point. But just when it looks like all hope is lost for poor Rebekah, Elijah rushes to the scene and turns the dagger on Klaus. Ouch. This is definitely not helping Klaus work through his trust issues. Elijah tells Rebekah and Marcel to run as far away from New Orleans as they can and they do. Elijah is left with a paralyzed Klaus in his arms. Things are not looking good for the Mikaelson family. Klaus hunted Katherine Pierce for over 500 years. We can only imagine the kind of hell Klaus is going to raise to find Rebekah that is, if he can get that dagger out of his chest first. Is this what the witches wanted? To split up the Mikaelsons and weekend the vampires? Because they're doing a hell of a job. Genevieve: "I'm no stranger to Rebekah's treachery something that you and I have in common." Rebekah: "I don't want to be afraid of what my brother will do to me for loving you." Klaus: "My father's blade. It went missing when I was just a boy. He beat me half to death, so sure I had stolen it." (Klaus may be a dick, but let's not forget how he was emotionally scarred by his father.)

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