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At its most basic level a fashion accessory is anything that can be used to accentuate or draw attention to parts of your overall look or outfit. For example, the right hand bag can accentuate your dress, the right pair of shoes can help draw attention to a great dress that you have. A great pair of earrings can make your latest hair style look fabulous. Even make up is considered a fashion accessory as it can turn a dull and drab look into something fun and funky. Keeping up to date with fashion accessories, takes about as much research as keeping up to date with the latest outfits. If you look in fashion magazines, watch TV and surf the internet there are loads of places that can show you what is fashionable at the moment when it comes to accessories. The most common and best known fashion accessories are jewellery. Jewellery comes in all different shapes, sizes and styles and each one can be used to make your outfit pop! Choosing the right piece of jewellery to go with your style is very important. For example, if you are trying to put together a professional look for the office you do not want to pick out a silver ring with a skull on it (I know it's a stupid example but it gets my point across so it works). When picking out jewellery to go with your outfit you will want to know exactly what you are going to wear and then match the accessories to that outfit. Choose colours and styles that do not clash with the outfit you have chosen otherwise you will just look silly. The following is a list of jewellery that you can use to accessorise your outfit with: There are others but these are the most common. Each piece of jewellery is used to draw attention to a particular part of your look and helps to accentuate it. For example, a bracelet can draw attention to a great manicure that you have just had. There are some fantastic jewellery designs out there any it is really quite easy to find a piece that will suit any style. Another really common fashion accessory that can help give your style a boost is a handbag. To be honest hand bags are very much an accessory for women. Some men do have handbags but not many, man bags are becoming more popular though so over the next few years I think it will become more common to see a man with a handbag. If you were to walk into a shop that sells handbags you will see a huge number of different styles. Handbags are an important focal point for your outfit, the handbag must match your outfit, it must be the right style and the right colour otherwise it will ruin the overall effect that you are attempting to achieve. The vast majority of handbags are worn over the shoulder so choosing one with a comfortable strap is a good idea, also choosing one with a strong strap will mean that it does not break easily and cause embarrassment as all of your personal items fall out of your handbag. Shoes are another fashion accessory that makes your style work. It is stereotypically seen that women have loads and loads of shoes compared to men. Whilst I don't believe that this is a hard and fast rule I do believe that it is more common for women to accessorise their style with shoes. work shoes, dress shoes (sometimes they are the same shoes as the work shoes) and a comfortable pair of trainers for everyday use. It is more common for women to have shoes that go with various different outfits. Shoes come in many different styles and have various different uses. When choosing a pair of shoes to go with your style please remember to choose a pair that is comfortable. Constantly wearing an ill fitting pair of shoes can have drastic effects on your feet, they can become calloused and blistered and in some cases they can even become deformed. Please make sure that whatever pair of shoes you choose fit properly, if they don't have the shoes you want in your size pick a different pair or you may end up suffering. Belts now have a place in the fashion world. Belts were considered to be a practical way of keeping your trousers from falling down nowadays they are a great way to spice up your look. Many women even wear belts with skirts, a fashion trend that wasn't around a few years ago. There are loads of different styles of belts and they are made from a huge variety of materials. Choosing the right belt will help to bring attention to both the top and bottom of your outfit, it will draw attention to your midriff so eyes will either wander up and check out the top you are wearing, or down to check out your trousers or skirt. As you can see fashion accessories are a great way of accentuating any outfit you have and can be used to update your style. Please remember when accessorising thought that you should always ensure that what you are buying fits properly so as to avoid injury. Where to buy fashion accessories?Fashion accessories are really easy to find. There are so many places online that sell really cool fashion accessories that are within anybody's price range. Ebay is a great place to purchase fashion accessories if you have a low end budget. There are amazing deals on there and the products are usually in 'tip top' condition. Ebay is a massive auction house and deals in the biggest range of products so finding that perfect handbag for the perfect price should be very easy. Another great place to shop for fashionable goods is Amazon. Amazon has a fantastic collection of designers who sell their goods through the Amazon market place. The best thing about Amazon is that it always has deals on to make your shopping with them cheaper. This means that if you wait and search hard enough you could get yourself a Gucci handbag for 20, 50 or even 70% off. With Zazzle you are able to take a photograph, upload it onto the site and get it printed on a wide range of products including; t shirts, baseball caps, handbags, buttons and iPhone cases. Not only can you use your own images to customize your items you could choose an item that someone else has customized and placed on the market place. There are a great number of graphic designers who use Zazzle as a way of making a little extra cash and they upload their work and place it on products that Zazzle sell and it earns them a commission. This means that there are some unique and original items for sale on the Zazzle market place. Follow (2)Comments 3 commentsGo to last comment BLING 3 years ago Fashion accessories make one stand out confidently. For me, i only choose fashion accessories that can bring out my taste. It need not be the latest one..

Australia went 2 1 up in episode three of The Ultimate Fighter: "The Smashes" after Robert Whittaker secured a 19 second knockout of Team UK's Luke Newman. Newman, who entered the 16th series of the competition with an unbeaten record (5 0), was selected by UK coach Ross Pearson to compete in the next welterweight fight, but was stopped early in the first round after Whittaker (9 2) finished the fight with an impressive ground and pound. The mind games were on display previously to the fight, as with Newman training out of American Top Team, the same camp Australian coach George Sotiropoulos is from, Pearson asked Sotiropoulos who he was picking for the fight, "country or teammate," with the Australian coach replying, "my boys." In the quickest fight of the series so far, it was Sotiropoulos' compatriot that emerged victorious, issuing a warning to the rest of Team UK's welterweights. "That (rush in tactic) might have worked in England, but not here," Whittaker said. "I felt a few hits collide, and then he dropped. I saw him hit the floor and I didn't stop. I will be in the UFC one day and it will take more than one man to stop me." Newman took the defeat in good spirit, despite the UK fighter not exactly knowing where he was after the fight had concluded. "I really enjoyed the tea cup ride, that was so much fun," Newman joked. "When I was back in the changing room and the doctor was checking my eyes, I actually thought I was warming up to go out and fight." Australia now the lead the series 2 1 after Benny Alloway defeated Valentino Petrescu via TKO (punches) in episode one, while in episode two Team UK's Colin Fletcher defeated Ben Wall via unanimous decision. 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Jive is a relatively young dance. in the 1940s from early swing dances such as Jitterbug, Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, and alike. It shares many movements with those dances like underarm turns, swivels, and so on. American soldiers introduced the dance to Europe during the World War II. It was something new and exciting, and it quickly became very popular with the youth. Many older dancers considered the uninhibited and lively motions quite shocking at the time. The dance style known as Modern Jive was developed after the war by the French. They adapted it a bit and mixed in some Latin elements. Although it hasn't originated in Latin America, in 1968, it became one of the fifth Latin American dance in competitions. Jive is usually danced to music written in 4/4 time (four beats to a measure). The rhythm is 1, 2, 3 4, 5 6. Music is often fast. The good thing about modern Jive is that it can be danced to almost any style of music latin, rock, pop as long as it has a steady beat. The basic steps for Jive consist of two triple steps and a rock step. A rock step refers to a weight change from one foot to the other. Nowadays, modern Jive is popular throughout the world. And why shouldn't it be? It looks great, it can be danced to a wide variety of music, and it's fun. So put on your dancing shoes and go jiving. Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Pink Grey,Cheap shoes can still be top quality shoes; if you shop online the keyword cheap shoes will help you find the top online Shoe stores that have affordable prices. I dont know about you but I cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for pair of fashionable shoes. I have always been able to find a fabulous selection of womens footwear at affordable prices without having to forfeit top quality stylish looks to get low costs. We may all have different tastes and styles in footwear but the one thing that most of us have in common is finding amazing deals on shoes that are hot trendy and fashionable. 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100 Authentic Womens Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Pink Grey,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Electric Green Wolf Grey When your ankles are smarting, just remember "rice." Nope, not the kind served with moo goo gai pan or sesame chicken. Simply imagining that might give you heartburn. We're not talking about the palate pleasing grain here. This article is for your ankle, not your appetite. In this case, RICE is an acronym that stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. According to experts, this four step method is all you need to help soothe your throbbing ankle and get you on the road to recovery. You should try to implement RICE "immediately after the sprain," says Richard Cotton, national director of certification and registry programs at the American College of Sports Medicine. Following your painful misstep, do the following: Plop down (on purpose this time)Firmly immobilize your ankle with tape or a bandage wrapApply a cold pack (for about 20 minutes several times a day)Kick your foot up above heart levelThe sooner you do this, the better off you'll be. Fabio Comana, director of continuing education for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, recommends minimizing movement of the injured joint as part of RICE for the first two to three days. "At this point," he says, "your job is to control swelling and any further aggravation." After chilling out, it's time to help your body with the process of healing the stretched or torn ligaments. The key is to remain patient and persistent. Healing could take two months or so. Guys who try to tough it out, only resting and icing for a day or so without fully rehabbing, risk future problems with a joint that doesn't "return properly to optimal function," Comana says. "They're more prone to reinjuries, loss of balance and loss of flexibility." Scar tissue buildup in the joints is one concern because it can limit your range of motion. Not getting the ankle back to 100 percent can also negatively affect the nerve receptors that help your body with stability. "The ankle is your first line of defense when you start to lose balance," says Comana, a California based exercise physiologist. If the ankle isn't fully functional, more pressure is placed on your hips to compensate for shifts in posture. That can come back to haunt you later on, he warns. From rice to rehab When the swelling begins to subside it might not completely go away for a while it's time to work on regaining the ankle's range of motion. Comana calls this the "repair phase," as your body begins replacing damaged tissue. Starting nice and easy, progressively build up depending on how the ankle responds to these exercises: While seated or lying down, slowly try moving the ankle in the air on your own or with somebody's help. Go side to side, up and down, make circles. "Move the ankle joint in every plane of motion, using pain as a guide," Comana says. "A little discomfort's one thing, but we don't want pain." Sit and cross the leg with the injured ankle over the other. Using your hands, move the joint as much as you can. This might aggravate the area again, use pain as your guide, he says so ice it down after. The next step is to put a little bit of weight on your ankle. Stand up next to a table, supporting your weight with your hands and good ankle. Gently rock ankles back and forth, lifting hands up slowly if possible. While standing, lift the uninjured foot off the ground to place all your body's load onto the healing ankle. Try going unsupported. Once you can do that, move your opposite leg forward a bit to get the ailing ankle to shift. To help build damaged, atrophied muscles, sit and cross the injured foot on the opposite leg. Use your hand as resistance on top of the foot and pull your toes toward the shinbone. Try to push your foot. Do a set of 8 to 10 reps. Once strength starts returning, try pushing against your hand, placed on your sole, going away from the shin. Do a set of 8 to 10 reps. Put your hand on the edges of your foot, pushing in and out for sets of 8 to 10 reps. You can also try the ankle strengthening exercises suggested by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society: Put your heel on the floor parallel to a couch or wall. Lift your foot and push the side of your big toe against the object. Count to 10 and do 10 sets. Turn around and do the same thing but with the outside of your foot (pinky toe) against the object. Push your ankle up and down against fixed objects (floor, bottom of couch) for 10 counts and 10 sets. Four exercises with the resistance band, each repeated 10 times: 1. Hold the ends of the band and place the bottom of your foot inside the loop, pushing down as far as you can and then pulling back up. 2. Tie the ends of the band to a fixed object. Sitting across from the object, place your forefoot inside the band and pull the ankle up as far as possible. 3. Tie the ends to a fixed object. Place the outer side of your ankle inside the loop, relax your foot and move the joint down and in. 4. Tie the ends to a fixed object. Place the inner side of your ankle in the loop, relax your foot and move the joint up and out. Back in action After proper rest, Cotton suggests ease into aerobic activities (maybe swimming or rowing) that don't stress the ankle. As it heals, try exercises that are easy on the ankles, such as walking or using the elliptical machine. Then you can move on to walking/jogging or cycling. Running and sports that require "lateral instability" or a lot of side to side movement basketball, tennis, soccer should be the last ones you try. Wait until your ankle strength reaches 80 percent to resume sports requiring cutting and twisting motions, the AOFAS advises. Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Pink Grey Is now accepted that the sport is an effective means of losing weight, but this is a lot of obese people who do not work, or is not satisfied with the effect. In fact, a poor sport weight loss is not so simple here may wish to simple analysis. Common reasons for weight loss failure include. At the beginning of some people in the weight loss, feel tired and out of place. Did not practice long, and wanted to rest a few days. They had not understood that do not meet the energy of the effect. Games enhanced gastrointestinal motility, increased appetite, digestion and absorption increase. A lot of appetite after exercise, simply because adhere to exercise, so that heat is not to your accumulation only. If a sudden cessation of exercise, the appetite does not shrink, heat like but chronic reduce, it will not only difficult to drop weight, and may even rebound. Therefore, weight loss exercise you adhere to, and adhere to cultivate an interest in the process, to develop their potential. Adhere to two conditions to ensure that: First, select the appropriate sport, daily exercise to the right. Inappropriate choice of sports, or excessive exercise causes the body to premature fatigue and may even damage the joints, ligaments or bones, exercise is often forced to stop, how to talk about "adhere to the" word? In addition to the exercise problems, let us look at the movement with the diet therapy? For weight loss, effective means of exercise and diet control as closely related, are indispensable. During weight loss, due to strong metabolism, gastrointestinal motility enhancement, increased appetite, diet created certain difficulties. But the control diet is the only way to lose weight, if not control diet, weight loss is often not ideal, and even weight gain. So, go back and check your own diet plan implementation, find vulnerability, is necessary. Dynamic stretching the former bent. Feet are away from the station with the hip width. After the hands on your head. Forward from the hip flexor. Remain upright until the biceps muscles are tense. Running action essentials: feet should rest with the body about a foot position, close to the midline. The leg should not cross too far; to avoid strain on the Achilles tendon due to excessive force. Pay attention to the calf muscles and Achilles tendon in the buffer when the ground, landing leg should be actively backward, the body actively forward. In addition, leg swing direction positive pin should try to forward, not to emersion or inversion, or the knee and ankle joints prone to injury. Can it check the footprints on the beach running for reference? Power thrust braced wall toes. Facing the walls stand about 1 meter, two shoulder width and arm reach, supporting walls. Running action essentials if the pace is too large, leg reach too far to the heel, resulting in brake reaction forces, bone and joint injuries. Right of the middle of the floor with their feet when and were quickly dispersed by impact to the whole foot. X Post a Comment on this Article Note: We read and moderate all comments before they visible on article page. Your email address will not be published. Fields marked with asteric are required.

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