Love Is In The Air Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal With Professional Service The Lowest Price Guaranteed Quality. Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Big Size Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Official Website With 100% High Quality Travel can be many things. It can be an obligatory visit to your relative's home for the holidays. It can be a quick one night getaway to the city to see a show and do some shopping. Or, it can be a week long toes in the sand vacation where you escape from everything just for a little bit. Whether you're packing the car or boarding the plane, travel planning requires some dotting of i's and crossing of t's. You'll never be able to control the long line at airport security, but if you follow some general guidelines, you will be able to get organzied and shape your next trip. Ten Tips for Trouble Free Travel Figure out what can be delegated, whether it's making dinner reservations or packing suitcases, and then do it. All the planning and organization should not fall on one person's shoulders. If you have children, rest assured that kids can help pack, too. Just give them a list and let them check off the items. Make sure you take a glance, just to be sure your four year old hasn't packed just pajama bottoms and no tops. 4. Live the Trip Before you Get There. Sketch out the trip in your mind. What do you want to do while you're there? What can't be missed? This will help you figure out what needs to be booked ahead of time and it will also help you when it comes to packing. If you take prescription medicines, pack them in their original bottles from the pharmacy. While it rarely happens, it's comforting to know that you have all of the information right there. Also, while you don't need to bring the contents of your medicine cabinet, it does help to have a small just in case supply of medicines (Imodium, Tylenol, etc). 8. Pack with the 80/20 Rule in Mind. It's tempting to want to pack every favorite pair of shoes and every one of the favorite outfits in your closet, but remember that you can't bring it all, especially with today's ever growing charges for baggage. Typically you wear the same basics (khakis, shorts, walking shoes) every day. Force yourself to pare down by trying to create as many different outfits from two basic pants/shorts/skirts and two or three different shirts. 9. Happy Kids = Happy Parents. If you have children and you're bringing them along, don't let them bring every stuffed animal. That said, it is important to bring a stash of toys, games, or books that will keep them busy and entertained while traveling. Bring a small coloring book and crayons for the plane or a portable DVD with never before seen movies and you'll keep them calm and relaxed..

View full sizeRyan JonesRyan Jones, 33, runs the Leadville Trail Run, a 100 mile race in Colorado.The Leadville Trail Run has been coined the "Race Across the Sky" for its breathtaking beauty. After all, it traverses the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.Beauty, however, can only last for so long. Sometimes beauty is just a front for pain.Only four of 13 competitors from Pennsylvania completed the 30 hour cut off requirement during the 29th annual Leadville Trail Run, a 100 mile race in Colorado that began August 18 and finished a day later.In fact, of the over 900 competitors, roughly just 30 percent finished under its required finishing time including State College's John Fegyveresi, who was Pennsylvania's first finisher in 24 hours, 17 minutes and 30 seconds.The altitude certainly plays a crucial role for east coasters looking to conquer the reputable Rocky Mountain ascents."It is breathtaking," said Ryan Jones, Pennsylvania's second place finisher in 27 hours, 9 minutes and 1.94 seconds. "It's gorgeous. There are some sections where you're 2,000 feet above the tree line and you can see for miles. It was really gorgeous, but at the same time every step you take, it becomes harder to breath."At Leadville, elevation fluctuates from a baseline of 10,200 feet to an ascent at Hope Pass at 12,620 feet. And lucky enough for the brave competitors, it's traversed twice Leadville is an up and back course.The 33 year old Jones, who works in sales, competes for Team Type 1, a world class athletic program for athletes with diabetes. Team Type 1 is a global sports organization that houses a running team, cycling team and tri athlete team.Jones, a resident of Morrisville, Pa., joined Team Type 1 in 2008 after meeting with the organization's founder. Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of eight, he continued to excel in sports, and found a passion for running in college."Diabetes has given me more discipline in my life," he said.Jones has completed eight iron distance races, nine 100 mile races with a personal record of 17:36 and has taken first place in four ultramarathon races in the last four years. He is, like his finish indicated, a very successful distance runner.Last week's adventure across Leadville was his second attempt at the course. In 2009, Jones said, he covered the course in 29 hours, just 60 minutes away from the dreaded "DNF" title.This year, however, with more of an understanding of the course, Jones recorded a better time, pacing his miles in 16:17. The most difficult point, he said, was the climb from mile 76 to 80."We climbed from 10 to 12,000 feet and that climb took a toll," Jones said. "Every three or four steps I had to walk. At that point I had some doubts. But I had a couple guys pacing me, encouraging me and walking with me."After a first checkpoint of 13 miles, aid stations were scattered along the course every 10 miles. As a diabetic, that meant Jones had to be very careful measuring his blood glucose levels.View full sizeJones continues on during the Leadville Trail Run."The most important thing is discipline," Jones said. "A race like this, I had to carry insulin and blood glucose meters often. I would check, every hour and half to two hours to check my levels. It's keeping an eye on yourself and identifying whether your blood sugar is staying within normal limits." Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal ,Air Jordan 10 Bulls Over Broadway Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 Air Jordan 7 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Charcoal Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black Air Jordan 5Lab3 Silver Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black WELCOME to the 1993 combined commencement ceremonies for Coppin State College and Baltimore City Community College. As class valedictorian, I am honored to address you and share our collective joy with everyone present. This proud day for all of the graduates celebrates the accomplishments of men who were intelligent enough to take advantage of the only successful rehabilitative program offered to prisoners at the Maryland Penitentiary. A college graduation inside the walls of a maximum security prison has a counterpart in nature. Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up and knows it has to be able to outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed and eaten. Every morning a lion wakes up and knows it must be able to outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve and die. It doesn't matter if you're a lion or a gazelle: When the sun comes up, you'd better be running. Welcome to our jungle, where today for a few precious hours we can slow down to decide where we go from here. The world outside is not waiting to welcome us. The economic climate is bad. The psychological climate is worse, and those are the conditions awaiting college graduates who aren't in prison. So what is the purpose of offering a college education to a prisoner? National statistics indicate that 60 of every 100 convicts return to prison within five years of release. Only five of every 100 who obtain a degree while incarcerated return to prison. One need not be a math wizard to compute the enormous savings to taxpayers, especially since the annual cost to keep us in prison is about $30,000. Budget problems of local, state and federal governments continue to worsen, and many people have questioned the wisdom of paying for a prisoner's college education. They suggest spending the money to hire more police, build more prisons and keep convicts inside longer. The recidivism statistics I just quoted are facts. The get tough solutions are fantasy. Nearly all prisoners one day will be released. Whom would society rather have released those 60 angry, uneducated convicts with low self esteem looking for new victims, or the 95 who held prison jobs while attending night college classes and, with hard work and self discipline, learned to control and modify the behavior that originally caused their incarceration? To do less meant losing their jobs, going on segregation and being denied the privilege of earning a college degree. A positive change was a byproduct of getting an education. When Frederick Douglass came to Baltimore as a slave to work for the Auld family, Mrs. Auld began teaching him to read. Mr. Auld commented that teaching Douglass to read would forever make him unfit to be a slave. I believe a college education will forever make us unfit as prisoners. It will prepare us to be free. . . Prior graduates will be extremely pleased to learn that beginning in June, a master's degree program will be offered. This bold step forward shows that our message was heard, so I won't beat a dead horse. But I will propose a wish list for future students. More research materials are desperately needed. At the very least, a current set of encyclopedias is needed. Funds must be provided to keep the library open seven days a week. The current four days will not suffice, certainly after the master's program begins. College graduates who are unable to transfer to other prisons could be hired to run the research department as a separate entity funded and stocked by Coppin State, BCCC, inmate welfare funds and private donations or fund raising projects of the Alumni Association. It can and should be done. Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said in ruling in a case before him, "It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears." I wish my speech could free my brothers from their bondage. It can't, but the degree you are receiving today just may. Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal,(AP) MIAMI Mike Redmond remembers how difficult it was to lose 100 games in a season, and how enjoyable it was to go from baseball laughingstock to its champion. He hoping the Miami Marlins can one day follow that path. The Marlins are 100 game losers for the second time in franchise history, reaching that most unwanted mark with a 2 1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday night. The then Florida Marlins of 1998 lost 108 games, and Redmond was a rookie who played in 37 games for that team. "People forget about the 108 losses that I endured," said Redmond, the Marlins first year manager. "Nobody talked about that in 2003 when we won the World Series." These Marlins are a long way from baseball mountaintop, but Redmond insists that strides were made this season, even though the record won necessarily support that theory. Miami has baseball worst offense by just about any measure, and once again, it didn take much offense for the team in the other dugout to beat the Marlins. The Phillies got both their runs in the first inning, without as much as a run scoring hit. Darin Ruf drew a bases loaded walk, Kevin Frandsen followed with an RBI groundout and that was all the offense that the Phillies would need. The Phillies are now 6 47 this season when scoring two runs or less, and two of those wins are against the Marlins. "It more fun when we win," Phillies starter Zach Miner said. Michael Stutes (3 1) got the win by working a scoreless fifth inning in relief, and Jonathan Papelbon pitched the ninth for his 29th save in 36 chances. Marlins starter Henderson Alvarez (4 6) allowed five hits and struck out five in seven innings. Justin Ruggiano had two hits for Miami, one of them an RBI double where he was thrown out at third. It was the 44th time this season the Marlins (58 100) have scored less than two runs. They 2 42 in those games. "I don think we going to lose 100 games next year," Marlins left fielder Christian Yelich said. "No one thinks that way." Alvarez gave up a one out double to Jimmy Rollins in the first, then walked the next three batters _ Chase Utley, Domonic Brown and finally Ruf, the last two of those free passes coming on 3 2 pitches, and the one to Ruf allowing Rollins to score. Frandsen ground ball brought in Utley, and Alvarez got another grounder to escape without more trouble. The Marlins answered in the second with a run off Miner. Giancarlo Stanton singled to start the inning, and scored on Ruggiano double to left center. But the relay from Brown to Rollins to Freddy Galvis caught Ruggiano trying to get to third, and the potential for a bigger inning ended there. "That was big at the time," Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg said. "A runner would have been in scoring position, that came in handy. Jimmy got the throw right down there on the bag. Good alert play." Miner left after working four innings, giving up four hits and striking out three. He also got the second big league hit of his career after an odd sequence _ he fouled one off the backstop in the second inning and nearly hit teammate Cesar Hernandez, then lined the next pitch right up the box, narrowly missing Alvarez. "I wasn sure what to expect coming in as far as the players and how many games we would lose, whatever," Redmond said. "Obviously, nobody wants to be a part of that. I guess if there was anybody who was prepared for this season out here, it was me _ since I been through it." Those 98 Marlins finished 52 games back in the standings. Five years later, the franchise won its second World Series. "I was trying to come up with something clever to say, when you lose your 100th game of the season," Redmond said. "All I could come up with is, at least it was by one run." NOTES: Sandberg is now 19 18 as Philadelphia manager. . Phillies RHP Roy Halladay, who left Monday game with arm fatigue, was not experiencing any pain Tuesday. "Classic dead arm. It happens," Sandberg said. . LHP Cole Hamels (8 14, 3.62) makes his final start of the season for the Phillies on Wednesday against Miami LHP Brad Hand (1 1, 2.92). The Phillies haven had a pitcher lose 15 games since Mark Leiter in 1997. . Marlins RHP Kevin Slowey (right forearm discomfort) threw a bullpen session that was intended to serve as a confidence booster heading into the offseason. He hasn pitched in a game since July 25. . Cameron Rupp got his second start of the season at catcher for the Phillies.

Shop With Discount Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal,Air Jordan 2 Infrared Cement THE worlds of knitting and football rarely collide, but that is about to change thanks to sportswear giants Nike and Adidas. Both brands are set to unveil boots that look as though they might have been knocked up by your grandmother but they're being tipped to revolutionise the world of football footwear before the World Cup this summer. Nike, which has been using its Flyknit technology in running shoes for two years, will unveil its new Magista boot next week and has already lined up a host of stars to express their incredulity at the shoe lightness. So far no images of the boot have been officially released, although a video showing players including Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta wearing the boots and singing their praises has been released. It proclaims that football will never be the same again, and the boots have been pixelated out in order to heighten expectations. "The design will look more like a sock and if Iniesta views are anything to go by they will feel like it too," reports the Daily Mail. the Magista will be launched next week the boots "will not be seen until May when the bootmakers plan to unleash them on the grand stage of the Champions League Final in Lisbon and later at the World Cup in Brazil". Before then Liverpool striker Luis Suarez will have donned a new pair of Adidas boots which are being hailed as "the world first knitted football boot". "It is the first boot to be knitted from heel to toe and Adidas also claim that the one piece upper of the boot is made without wasting any material meaning that the boot is the brand most sustainable football boot," reports the Liverpool Echo. Nike effort, the Primeknit Samba boot applies existing lightweight running shoe technology to a pair of studs for the first time. Neither pair of boots comes cheap, and the Adidas version is only available as a limited edition. But the sudden arrival of knitted footwear could make Christmas more interesting. "Next time your grandmother presents you with a scarf or jumper, why not ask her for a football boot instead?" suggests the Echo. Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Boys still in midst of playoff battle Free throws sank Madras Friday at Valley Catholic in its latest high school boys basketball Tri Valley League game. More precisely, its missed free throws coupled with Valley Catholic having eight more chances and making 14 more points from the charity stripe doomed the White Buffalos to defeat. Valley Catholic's 58 53 win in the game catapulted the Valiants into first in the league standings, at 5 1, while sliding Madras into third, at 4 2. Having won at Sherwood on Friday, La Salle was 4 1. La Salle lost at Madras, but won at Valley Catholic. Its three of 13 shooting from the free throw line reduced Madras' season long percentage from the stripe. It had been making 70 percent of its free throws before slipping. "If we make 70 percent, we win. That was how even the rest of the game was," said Evan Brown, Head Coach at Madras. Valley Catholic was not called for enough fouls to give Madras one and one chances in either half. Madras would have been won had it made even seven (only 54 percent) of its 13 free throws. Valley Catholic's one significant statistical advantage in the game was going 17 of 21 in free throw shooting. Madras made 58 percent of its field goals while holding Valley Catholic to 53 percent. The Valiants made 12 turnovers to 11 for Madras while Madras was outrebounded 23 22. Limiting Valley Catholic's 6 foot 6 Joel Van Domelen was called the biggest challenge for Madras before the game began. That proved the case. A senior, Van Domelen helped build an 8 2 Valley Catholic lead with baskets in the second and third minutes on his way to 23 points. Sophomore Dominique Easterling scored Madras' first basket less than 20 second after Kyle Efstathiou put Valley Catholic ahead first. But the 2 2 score was short lived. A run finished by Van Domelen gave the Valiants an 8 2 lead they surrendered just once, in the second quarter. The Buffs were tied five times, last knotting the score at 51, with 3:13 left to play. Easterling led Madras with 15 points. Jacoby Ellsbury was next for Madras, with 13. Joey McConnell and Isiah Tewee added six each for Madras. Coming back from a serious nerve injury in the first game of football season, senior Colter Barnes returned for a limited time, scoring four at Valley Catholic. Tim Kirsch and Joey Adams had two each for Madras Friday but Adams was forced to the bench for part of the game as he was judged to make two fouls in the first quarter.

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