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If the Astros are going to do anything during this off season, it's upgrading their pitching and perhaps adding a catcher to fill the gap until Jason Castro is ready. You can bet the focus will be on pitching, but what can the Astros afford? With $60.5 million already committed to four players next year and several others due raises in arbitration, the Astros aren't in position to add massive payroll. Owner Drayon McLane has said his club doesn't plan to pursue the big time pitching free agents. The Astros look at the money Barry Zito got from the Giants a couple of years ago and how little he's done and it scares them to death, and for good reason. Burnett, who is soon expected to decide if he will opt out of his contract. The Astros appear content to make an effort to re sign Randy Wolf, who pitched pretty well for them in the second half of last year. But will the return of Wolf to a rotation that includes Roy Oswalt, Wandy Rodriguez and Brian Moehler be enough to contend for the playoffs? It nearly was last year, and the Astros might be able to leap past the Brewers, who likely won't be able to re sign Sabathia and Sheets. But it's going to take one of thsoe big guns to compete with the Cubs and their deep pitching staff. There is still a possiblity of a trade with the Padres for Jake Peavy. The problem is the Astros may not have enough to put a package together for Peavy, who would waive his no trade clause to come to Houston. If the Astros trade for Peavy in a deal that includes, say, Hunter Pence, then they would have to be major players in the free agent market for an outfielder. But consider this: if they trade for Peavy and his contract, will they have enough payroll flexibility to add an outfielder, too? Probably not. What would I do? Assuming the Astros don't have enough to trade for Peavy, I would make my focus a guy like Jon Garland (14 8, 4.90 ERA last season). He will come cheaper than Sabathia, but he could qualify as one of those big name pitchers that Drayton was talking about. Who knows? If he does fit within their budget, I'd sign him and a veteran catcher like Vance Wilson and try to bring back Randy Wolf. That would be a team I think might contend in the division next year. Now you're talking about a payroll around $100 million again, but the bottom line is the Astros are going to have to spend some money. Now, how would you spend your money? Let us know with a comment. If you trade Pence and whoever else to get Peavy, why couldn you just put Erstad or maybe a vet like Ibanez in RF. Or what about ole crazy Milton Bradley? Those guys shouldn cost to much right?? I would much rather have Peavy then Pence and hope that we can find someone for Right. I not really sure who else is available in the OF other than Manny which I not even going to consider unless Drayton wants to WIN! He is the only one that would be worth the money Texaira but he would sell out the stadium every game so I sure Drayton would get his money back. I would put more money in free agency, only because we are rebuilding while trying to contend. Now that spells more money in anyway you look at it. Jon Garland is probably looking at $8 13 mil for 3 5 years. He has dependable written all over his arm. Getting old but might put us over the edge for this year. If we could add both Garland and Wolff, and just maybe, pull off the Peavy trade that would brings us to contention right off the back. But one or two things might have to happen: 1) We get Peavy for the price of Pence and/or Valverde with other prospects 2) No Peavy we keep Pence and Valverde and take Garland and another 1 mil pitcher to complete the rotation if Wolff does not sign. Burnett? Is it cause he is asking for a high amount of dollars or his production is declining with a high dollar deal waiting for him? Tag, your on the mark with Garland it would be a good compliment for Oswalt and Wolff, nice 1 2 3 punch of a rotation. Are there any indication on the catcher Sapp, or Clemons are they not progressing as much? Do we have any stars in our Farm system we could see either brake the rotation or sit in the bullpen any time soon? What would you think of trading Carlos Lee to the Red Sox? Lee seems like the closest you can get to Manny (great bat, bad defense). They could afford him. Imagine how great Lee would do with Ortiz. Astros would get Bay, maybe Justin Masterson, but more importantly out from Lee enormous contract. Then we could pay for Peavy and a read centerfielder, like maybe Mike Cameron. This, to me, would be the best combination of spending to win now and, as you said, waiting for the likes of Jason Castro to be MLB ready. What do you think? First of all, let me say that I 100% against trading Hunter Pence. I think after two years in the league, he is going to have a monster 2009. However, if we were to trade him, how practical is it for the Astros to fill that void (sometime next year, certainly not at the start of the season) with Brian Bogusevic. I know he is still making the transition from Pitcher to Hitter but to jump right into Double A after not hitting for 2 3 years and doing what he did is very very impressive. He is kind of a natural with the bat. Coming out of college many scouts liked him as a first round talent in the outfield. I know he needs a crash course at the advanced level when it comes to hitting but if he starts the season out on a positive note at Round Rock I up for giving him a shot. I heard Jeff Bagwell talk about him in an interview and he was blown away by Boggy natural ability to hit. I know he still raw but seems promising. What do you think? I wouldn go for Peavy. We need our farm system, and I would hate to give up a probable superstar in Pence. I would offer arbitration to Brocail, Loretta and Wolf, and make a case by case decision on our other FAs. We really should probably try to keep Loretta and Wolf, as well as go after LaTroy Hawkins. Brocail, I know we declined the option on, but we /have/ to offer arbitration simply because he a Type A free agent, with Loretta and Wolf as our Bs. Backe, I don know if we want to keep him around or not, at this point. I say that Backe, Wigginton, Matsui, Blum, Newhand, Erstad, and maybe Geoff Geary should all be considered very tradable right now, especially for prospects, and let the young guys (Towles, Quintero, Arias, Brad James, Nieve, Paulino, Edwin Maysonet, Mark Saccomanno, Yordany Ramirez, maybe Josh Muecke, Chris Johnson, Tommy Manzella, Blazek, Chance Douglass, Evan Englebrook, Thomas Fairchild, Bud Norris, and some of the others in Corpus and Round Rock try to wow us in Spring Training. I don think we need a catcher as bad as we need an OFer that we know can be productive and not be horrible defensively in case Bourn doesn work out. Say Badelli. Yeah there are health concerns, but he can be platooned with Erstad as well. If we don pick up an OFer, I much rather see us go after a catcher like Zaun or Barajas. Solid all around, but not great (or expensive) and can be signed to a short term deal until Castro comes around (hopefully) We need pitching, obviously. I say signing Wolf (or Garland) and somebody like Hampton should be the bare minimum. A rotation of Oswalt Wandy Wolf Hampton Moehler won blow anybody skirt up, but it could be effective if healthy. So I say this for the minimum: what can the Astros afford? could afford $120ml and still make a profit but he won even though all four teams with payrolls of $118 $119ml made the playoffs this year including the Cubs. Quite frankly, after allowing the farm to be wrecked, Drayton should be willing to take a loss until the farm is rebuilt in about 3 4 years. But, he won Money is more important to Drayton than a will the return of Wolf to a rotation that includes Roy Oswalt, Wandy Rodriguez and Brian Moehler be enough to contend for the playoffs? see A 1 (Oz), a 4(Wolf), and two 5 and Mohler) missing that 2 and 3 starter since the Rocket and Pettite left to contend for a playoff spot? nearly was last year The team is not as good as their second half record was, not as bad as their first half record. The truth is that they are a bit better than a .500 team and played over their heads the second half. it going to take one of those big guns to compete with the Cubs and their deep pitching staff. least one Drayton is not serious about competing against the Cubs. Even the Cards had a higher payroll than the Astros last year. is still a possiblity of a trade with the Padres for Jake Peavy. doubtful. Towers already said that the Pads don line up well with the Astros as a trading partner for Peavy. It is clear that the Pads are talking to everyone but the Astros they just are not interested. Even though Atlanta and the Dodgers are not putting their best prospects on the table, they still have more to offer than the Astros. If the Pads decline to deal with them, expect Peavy to stick with the Pads until the AS break where the Pads will retest the water. Even so, the Astros have to at least try. This is just too good of an opportunity to not make an effort on. No way on Garland. He had a WHIP north of 1.5 and players hit .303 against him this year. Yea, he pitched 196 innings, but those are some pretty horrible numbers especially for that large of a sample. Hitters hit .288 off him post AS in 2007 as well Thats fairly poor pitching for the past year and a half. The Astros need an established 2 and 3 pitcher. Wolf is a solid innings eater for 4. 5 pitchers are not normally innings eaters, so Garland really does not offer anything unless the Astros are unable to resign Wolf. Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green ,Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red 646701 700 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR White Black Gold Air Jordan 11 Ultimate Gift of Flight Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Charcoal 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Bailey Range Traverse: Cat Peak, Mount Carrie, Stephen Peak, Mount Ferry, Mount Barnes, Mount Queets, Mount Noyes, Mount Seattle :: Quinault, WANamed for William E. Bailey, proprietor of the Seattle Press, the Bailey Range is a spiraling chain of peaks paralleling the upper Hoh River at the perimeter of Mount Olympus. The Bailey Range contains multiple summits averaging 6500 feet in elevatio Bailey Canyon: Bailey Canyon Trail :: Sierra Madre, CAWhen the light is right and the air is clean, the purple mountains beckon with the sweet smell of sage and many a winding trail. One of these inviting trails leads up Bailey Canyon from the town of Sierra Madre. The attraction is the view: clear day Mount Bailey :: Union Creek, ORWhile not quite as overwhelming as neighboring Mount Thielsen, 8,368 foot Mount Bailey is a favorite among Southern Oregonians. The two giant volcanoes, Thielsen and Bailey, rise up on opposite sides of Diamond Lake, just north of Crater Lake. Mount Bailey's Point Campground :: Finney, KYAs you might imagine by the name, Bailey's Point is on a peninsula; it's also the site of a pre Civil War homestead. Much of the peninsula, which juts into lower Barren River Lake, is high ground with bluffs overlooking the old Barren River meander. Bailey Lake and Chapmanville to Roach :: Baileysville, WVAbove Baileysville the Guyandotte does not exceed Class 1 and has little to offer a paddler except easy accessibility. Bailey Lake, there is a short section of Class 2 3 water, with the scenery changing to sheer sandstone cliff Bailey's Hot Springs :: Beatty, NVA rustic hot spring resort with three separate gravel bottom pools outside a small town. This simple, unadorned hot spring facility is supplied by several natural hot springs, each with substantial flow and temperature. The hot spring water is divert Bailey Cove Loop Trail :: Redding, CAThis family hike explores the shoreline of a prominent peninsula which was once a mountain. The well constructed trail is short enough to attract fishermen, who cast out lines along the numerous mini coves that grace this scenic journey. Mountain bik North Fork of the South Platte River: Bailey to Pine :: Bailey, COThe stretch between Bailey and Pine holds the only wild, navigable canyon on the North Fork since the damming of Waterton Canyon. It is one of the finest highly technical runs in Colorado. Only expert paddlers should venture into it. Clear, cold w R. D. Bailey Lake Campground :: Pineville, WVThe attractive campground is large, and an open campsite is guaranteed. This way you can focus on enjoying the scenic lake tucked away in the mountains of Wyoming and Mingo Counties. Each loop has a playground area for kids and horseshoe pits. Cyclis Mallardy Ridge/Walt Bailey Trail :: Granite Falls, WAThese five exquisite alpine lakes are remote enough to be relatively uncrowded. Families who wish to camp can spend several days admiring the lakes' contours or wandering and exploring. Most of the trail was built by Walt Bailey and his friends from Walt Bailey Trail :: Granite Falls, WAA rough and tumble trail to the dozen odd Cutthroat Lakes scattered about heather covered meadows on Bald Mountain. For a much easier and shorter trail to Cutthroat Lakes (though a longer drive to the start). The trail was constructed entirely by v Mount Bailey National Recreation Trail :: Roseburg, ORA beautiful hike, some of it above timberline. As you begin hiking Mount Bailey National Recreation Trail, notice the large blue diamonds. This is a Nordic ski trail in the winter. Regardless of when you visit, however, you'll pass through lodgepole Mount Bailey :: Chemult, ORMount Bailey is a Cascade shield volcano west of Diamond Lake and north of Crater Lake National Park. The long summit ridge is an easy scramble on typical Cascade rock nice to look at but lousy for hiking. Approaching the summit, scramblers will enco Bailey Pond Trail :: Schroon Lake, NYBailey is a small pond at the southern edge of the Hoffman Notch Wilderness Area. It is accessible by a short trail, and although it is only a few miles west of a busy interstate corridor, it really is a wilderness destination. This easy hike with an Mount Bailey :: Diamond Lake, ORMount Bailey offers a great contrast to Mount Thielsen across the way. Its rounded mellow slopes make for a lot of walking for the elevation gain, while Thielsen demands the hiker to make a lot of altitude in a hurry. For the most part this is a grea Farm Living: Bailey, Kenly, Wilson, Farmville, Greenville, and Tarboro :: Greenville, NCFor this day trip, head east toward Rocky Mount, taking the exit in the direction of Wilson, forty five minutes from Raleigh. On the way, stop off in Bailey to visit the Country Doctor Museum, then detour south for a dot of a town known as Kenly. Aft Bailey Cove Loop :: Redding, CAThis ride takes you around a knoll just above Shasta Lake's high water level. There's a lot of poison oak, but the trail is usually wide enough that you won't rub up against it. You'll probably hear the screaming of an osprey overhead, because they t Bailey Tract :: Sansibel, FLThe 100 acre tract protects a freshwater marsh containing a series of five hiking/biking trails that thoroughly explore the area. The trails are of varying length, from 0.25 mile to 1.1 miles. The following description covers the 1.1 mile perimeter R Bailey Lake :: Hamilton, MTThis hike takes you to a shallow mountain lake that lies within 45 minutes of its roadside trailhead and offers fair angling. The trail requires a short ascent as it traverses granite strewn terrain and razed forest left over from the 1988 fire seaso Bailey Cove Loop Trail :: Redding, CAThis trail takes in a few miles of shoreline of California's largest manmade lake. Lake Shasta was created when Shasta Dam was built in 1945, harnessing the waters of the Sacramento, McCloud, and Pit Rivers. The lake has 365 miles of shoreline, one f Road's End to the Bailey Bridge :: Fresno, CAThis easy walk takes you through peaceful forest and sunny manzanita flats while winding along the crystalline South Fork of the Kings River. Walt Bailey Trail :: Silverton, WAThere are about a dozen Cutthroat Lakes scattered like rare coins through the meadows below Bald Mountain, although I am not certain where one draws the line between large tarns and small lakes. No matter: This is a great destination in the summer an Montgomery Bell State Park: Jim Bailey Nature Trail, Wildcat Trail, Ore Pit Trail, and Montgomery Bell Trail :: Nashville, TNThis is a trail for those who love history, the woods, historic buildings, and creeks. Follow the trail up and down through woods past iron ore pits dug in 1801. Investigate the restored Presbyterian church complex from 1810. Burns is located 40 mile Westchester County: Bailey Mountain :: North Salem, NYThe sign at the entrance of Mountain Lakes Park has a tick magnified to about the size of a small turtle. "Warning," it reads. "Ticks may be found in this area." It's almost enough to make you head away from the hills. Welcome to Westchester County, Portland, Freeport, Brunswick, The Harpswells, Orr's Island/Bailey Island, ME :: Portland, METhe relatively straight southern Maine coast is interrupted by Casco Bay, filled with many islands and locked between Portland harbor to the south and the first of many peninsulas to the north. This itinerary visits Portland and the many towns that s Radium Springs :: Fort Selden, NMA historic hot spring resort alongside the Rio Grande. Although it has been closed for years, it is hoped that someday the resort will be reopened into a bed and breakfast. Radium has a rich history. Located along an important historic travel corrido Ride for Nature Ramble :: Baileys Harbor, WIThe Ridges Sanctuary straddles a point that separates Baileys Harbor and Moonlight Bay. Seventeen sand ridges parallel the curve of Baileys Harbor. The oldest of these abandoned beach dunes dates back 2,400 years. Within these confines thrives a worl North Coyote Canyon Trail :: Warner Springs, CACoyote Canyon is a wide, deep canyon along the San Jacinto Fault, one of the major branches of the San Andreas Fault. These are two of Southern California's most active faults. Coyote Canyon separates the Santa Rosa Mountains to the north from the Sa Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green,Fine motor skills usually refer to more precise actions performed by the feet and head for example, drawing or playing a musical instrument. The development and expansion of the central nervous system is directly connected to the maturation and dexterity of fine motor skills. According to the eNotes website and its article on fine motor skills, "The development of fine motor skills is crucial to an infant's ability to experience and learn about the world and thus plays a central role in the development of intelligence." Thus at age 4, there are certain fine motor skills your child should possess. Writing and Drawing At age 4, a child should be comfortable holding a crayon and should be able to use a thick pencil for scribbling or light printing. The child should be able to copy crosses and squares and some letters of the alphabet. Some children will be able to print their own name. At this age, they should be able to draw people that at least resemble stick figures. According to eNotes: "A human figure drawn by a four year old is typically a head atop two legs with one arm radiating from each leg."At this age, children should be able to use safety scissors and cut on a line or follow an outline. Children should also be able to pour from a pitcher into a smaller vessel, such as a glass. Spills are common and acceptable, but the child should be able to complete this task. At this age children should be able to use clothespins to pick up small objects, an activity that can also polish their fine motor skills. Another activity that kids should be able to do at this age, which can also develop their hand to eye coordination, is threading beads on a string. Other Fine Motor Skills A child at the age of 4 should be able to accurately and efficiently use his utensils. A child should be able to dress herself and manage without too much difficulty most buttons, snaps and zippers. Some children at this age can already tie their shoes, which is slightly advanced. At the minimum, a child should be able to lace his own shoes at the age of 4. Four year olds should also comb and brush their hair without assistance. A child should be able to use clay to fashion simple figures such as trees, animals and people.

Shop The Latest Styles With Free Shipping Over 75 Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green,646701 300 Kobe 9 EM Each Faas shoe offers a different amount of FaasFoam, a lightweight combination of foam and rubber. The higher the number, the more cushioning the shoe has. The Faas 300, for example, is advertised as a neutral racer. With less FaasFoam, it weighs in at 6.9 ounces in a women's size 8.The Faas 800 is 2.1 ounces heavier due to more foam and a beefed up version of the BioRide Technology for added support.I tested the Faas 800 on a number of runs, including a half marathon, and couldn't have been more impressed.Like the other Faas shoes I've reviewed, the 500 and the 550, the 800 has slipper like comfort right out of the box. While the 500 is completely neutral, the 800 has a supportive feel without being too hard or stiff.Instead of going high tech, the 800 gets its stability from "a catch (wall) and release (grooves) system that guides the foot into a neutral position," according to the shoe's literature. Puma calls it "pure geometry" in action. Even if I don't quite understand the science, the system worked for me, correcting for my overpronation.The upper is made mostly of a highly breathable mesh, with synthetic suede accents. While I always run in socks, the upper was definitely comfortable enough to go sock free. The toe box is much wider than it is in the 500, giving your toes room to splay without being cramped.My only beef with the Faas 800 is the styling. The 500 is blessed with a cool, retro, old school look. The 550 is more traditional but comes in an array of bright colors. The 800 is a little more bland. But considering the fact that you should never chose a shoe by the way it looks, my complaint is small. Puma just spoiled me with the other shoes in the collection.Styling aside, the 800 is my favorite shoe in the Faas line in terms of fit, feel and stability. It may be on the heavier side of the spectrum, but what the shoe gains in cushioning and support should be well worth the extra weight to overpronators.The Puma Faas 800 is available and specialty running stores or online. It retails for $100. Puma also offers a 30 day risk free guarantee. She's an avid runner and an independent wear tester for a major running shoe company. Kimberly has participated in races all over the country, including the Boston Marathon and the ING New York City Marathon. She was a credentialed reporter at the London Olympics.Contact meCostumed cheerleaders haunt, spook frightfully delight on October sidelinesMany people of all ages enjoy masquerading about in a costume for Halloween. For young ladies, a popular choice throughout the years has been a cheerleader. But what do cheerleaders dress as?TechTechGadgets TechVideo GamesInternetTech GearTabletsiPhoneGoogle GlassWearable TechXbox OnePlaystation 4PhotographyMMOGsHandheld GamesAnonymousSocial MediaConsolesBitcoinGoogle Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green The Best Way In Polishing Scratched Travertine Tile DallasUser Rating: / 0 PoorBest MiscellaneousWritten by Anonymous Friday, 27 August 2010 16:52 Polishing Scratched TravertinePolishing scratched travertine is an art. Heaven Sent Floor Care is a professional company that has the expertise in the techniques for the resurfacing of travertine tiles. Improper grinding techniques can lead to some extremely undesirable appearances that will addto the ultimate expense and burden of the final repair expense. Heaven Sent Floor Care can also help you restore or refinish any type of tile and natural stone, whether it is marble, granite, slate, ceramic tile, limestone, or terrazzo to its original beauty and luster. Polishing scratched travertine is one of the offered services by Heaven Sent Floor Care. Travertine has undeniably become more and more popular in the past few years. With that popularity there have been corresponding problems. Some relate to installation, while others are an inferior grade of stone and there remains the ever present failure to use the proper stone cleaning process and product. Travertine tile is known as a very strong, attractive stone tile that is often found in entryways and foyers, among other areas of the home. Like any other stone floor, travertine tile can become scratched from a variety of activities and objects, including shoes, toys, furniture, and appliances. If you can find problems on polishing scratched travertine, then Heaven Sent Floor Care " Polishing Scratched Travertine service is for you since they have the right training and right experience to ensure the repair is flawless. Using finer abrasives, or compounds they are able to achieve a very clean, highly reflective, shiny finish. The shine intensity can range from a honed (more of a matte finish) into custom medium shine and into a very mirror like high gloss finish. Next >Last Updated on Friday, 27 August 2010 16:52Who's OnlineWe have 200 guests and 3 members online Adamanelsalisonreid Site StatisticMembers : 51010 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15248137 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle

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