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Palestinian Maysoun Qawasmi, the 43 year old party leader of By Participating, We Can, attends a meeting in the West Bank city of Hebron on Sept. 13, 2012. HEBRON, West Bank Participating, We Can! that slogan has made a group of women in Hebron who are challenging male dominance the talk of their famously conservative Palestinian city. Hebron, the West Bank largest city with 250,000 Palestinian residents, will go to the polls to choose city officials for the first time since 1976 on Oct. 20. And it will be the first time that one of the candidate lists on the ballot is made up entirely of women teachers, civil servants, business women and volunteers. The road taken by these women has not, however, been easy. They have faced tremendous opposition from the local community, including comments directly to the women such as are wasting your time. But Maysoun Qawasmi, leader of the bloc, and a 43 year old mother of three sons and two daughters, remains undaunted. Challenging the status quo Qawasmi explained that the women initially faced legal objections to forming an all female political bloc. researched everything I could about election laws until I found out that there was no law against an all female party competing, Qawasmi said. She said some members of her own family initially resisted her challenging the status quo given the importance of tribal values woven throughout the fabric of society here. For example, she explained that a local belief states, matter where a woman reaches, her brain remains small. Qawasmi, who wears a headscarf and describes herself as secular, has not lived by those words. She is a journalist and human rights activist. Politics are new to her, but she does not believe that her secularism puts her at any kind of political disadvantage. go down and talk to people. I always tell my kids that social skills are more important than intellectual skills, she said. As a member of a prominent family clan in Hebron, her family name has been advantageous. have a good CV and this is beneficial. But I am also up against five other candidates from the Qawasmi family. Besides, almost three quarters of my family clan support Hamas, so that at least 20,000 votes gone, she said. (However, the Islamic group Hamas say they are boycotting this election). The idea of forming an all female bloc stemmed from five years of work empowering women. For her and those around her, she had already crossed customary boundaries by becoming the manager of the Palestinian Wafa News Agency in Hebron. The bloc had initially recruited 50 potential qualified candidates but that number whittled down to 11. high caliber women had to pull out for various reasons, she said. who had to pull out when a brother chose to run for elections in the same family; the male is given priority over the woman. running as a bloc increases the chances of getting more votes leading to a higher number of seats in the municipality. Qawasmi believes that her bloc is likely to gain support from young men and women. should represent society, but not to this extent Not everyone however, agrees with her vision. Wadie, a 35 year old chef from Hebron, offered his opinion on the matter. religion does not give a woman the right to enter the Shura Council (Consultative Council). It dignifies her to be in her house, said Wadie, only chose to share his first name. personally don believe she will get votes except from the Qawasmi family. If Qawasmi succeeds she will be fought against, she is not liked because she encourages freedom. added a religious argument to his opposition. percent of Hebron is religious have to stick to the book of God. Women should represent society, but not to this extent. opinion may represent a high percentage of the men in Hebron, but there are others who are looking at more than gender with their vote. not a man or woman thing, people judge according to who works harder. If the rest of the bloc was as strong as [Qawasmi] they would have a chance at winning, said Issa Amr, a 33 year old male resident of Hebron. Hoping other women will follow For now, Qawasmi is satisfied that the bloc has been officially registered. want to do what I can do. I want to do what must be done by decision makers and prioritize real issues that have not been addressed by the municipality, she said. hope this will enhance the role of women in the political sphere at the larger level. I do expect women in other locations to follow. Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk ,Air Jordan 13 Reflective Silver Air Jordan 6 Varsity Red Air Jordan 3 Powder Blue Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan Spizike Space Blue Air Jordan 6 Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 6 Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 9 Birmingham Barons Adornments, sacks, wholesale belts, wholesale handbags, scarves, and so forth., they make a great deal of contrast to any sort of garments. With the correct match up, a lady could look exceptionally in vogue and charming. This is the reason purchasing wholesale extras are prescribed for each lady who views herself as popular. Doing so requires more than practical judgment skills however. Discovering wholesale ladi . This is on the grounds that you may fail to offer the utilization of fitting embellishments for your dress. With this, you need to realize that it is still imperative to contribute on the right embellishments. 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Essentially, wholesale wholesalers buy purses in expansive amount from the makers at modest costs and after that make an extensive benefit when they offer them to their clients. There are numerous mixtures of purses accessible in the business sector. A percentage of the samples incorporate . Today, belts have become the most common accessories to show your style and taste. Every woman expects to have a large number of styles and design patterns for belts in her closet. Various belt manufacturers are putting consistent efforts to create new designs and styles. A large number of belt brands have jumped into the market and each of them is struggling to make a huge leap in its marketing efforts and tactics. Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk,What I find interesting is the Tom talks like the 2600+ completely destroys the P4 2.53. But from looking at those benchmarks it doesn't really seem that great. That and yes chuck is right, the 2600+ is more expensive. If you look at the article tom wrote, during their tests they O/Ced it to 2400mhz (or 3000+) but that was using the "best water cooling system available" which most people probably can't afford anywys so I doubt most normal end uesrs will be able to reproduce such results. Maybe they should have tried O/Cing it using more conventional means for more regular joe blow users. So I don't see how the 2600+ which is more expensive, slower and being pushed closer to it's limit is better than a p4 2.53. That's what we call bias. When the 2.53 p4 came out and was undoubtedly the fastest chip, Tom's article was that basically it barely beat the Athlon, even though it led in every test. Athlons and Pentiums are just melted rock. Who's rock is better? Who cares, let's play some games Maybe, maybe not that would depend on the tests themselves and how much they translate to real world usage. Head over to anandtech or Ace's and you will see it all comes down to what test you choose to use. Its not a P4 killer, but the current p4 can't claim undisputed rights by any means. Give it a better chipset (aka nfore2), and things could really start to get interesting again. As for those p4 users hoping to upgrade to higher speed processors themselves, it looks like a new motherboard is in there future as well. Crash, you have been saying all along how DDR (even fast DDR) kills the P4's performance. When compared to THG's review this seems to prove your claim, at least I think it does. Do you concur that the differing results of the two reviews can be explained by P4's memory bandwidth differences (RDRAM in one case, DDR in the other)? I have so many cookies I now have a FAT problem! First of all, the Athlon's current performance limitation seems to be its L2 cache. As the CPU scales, its L2 cache, with is relatively high latency (pipelined may I add), would not scale as fast as the CPU would. I think we're seeing it reach beyond the "sweet spot" where the L2 cache with 8 cycle latency is still useful, but not a bottleneck. But yes, we're also getting into memory limitations, although I doubt dual channel DDR is really needed. I'd say something along the lines of a bus increase to 166 200MHz DDR. As for the price/performance thing. If you're talking about vendors, they actually charge a lot less for the CPU they sell in their machines than you'd find retail. Also, the 2.53's price has dropped to around $260 last I checked on pricewatch. Whether not it'll be a better deal than the $250ish (which is usually the price for the newest AMD chip upon introduction) is debatable. "We are Microsoft, resistance is futile." Bill Gates, 2015. Agreed about the chipset choice. At least they didn't use SDRAM. Half the benchmarks? Well that depends on whether you count the seven components of the SPEC ViewPerf suite separately or one benchmark suite. Likewise for the two Science Mark benchmarks. However, I'll concede your point. The SPEC ViewPerf results are very signifcant and XP 2600+ performs poorly. Did you notice the following comment in the conclusions? "We strongly suspect that the Athlon has enough firepower on board to perform well in CAD and 3D modeling workloads, but that the AGP port and memory bandwidth of the current AMD platform is simply not up to par with Intel's" Do you think Aceshardware found something else that is weak in VIA chipsets, namely the AGP port? or are they just fishing for excuses. They are obviously way off the mark with the memory bandwidth comment since they paired the P4 with DDR memory erasing the P4's memory bandwidth advantage. I have so many cookies I now have a FAT problem! This is to all you speed freaks out there. What do you need all of this speed for??? What can we honestly use "software wise" that we need this much speed. Isn't this war getting a little redundant. That is of course if your not making the next FF movie in your living room. This has been a huge hobby for myself for the past 8 years and I love it just as much as the next person. I currently have a P3 1Ghz and everything runs great but I still have the urge to upgrade. Maybe thats what it is an addiction kind of. Although I know I don't need the extra speed for anything I use I still want to upgrade. How fast do we have to go and will we ever come to a plateua? Please don't take this the wrong way, I just want to get everyone's opinion on this. :tongue: Cut the mullet!! :tongue: my original thought in bringing up the two articles on the latest and greatest intel and amd offerings is that progress is being made. i sure like to think that we, the community of tomshardware, had something to do with it. but without complaint, there cannot be no progress (at least not immediate). so my suggestion to all the amd fanboys out there is try complaining about amd more. make them stop using PR+ system. How fast do we have to go and will we ever come to a plateua? i love technology because it is the fastest industry for progress so far. it's human nature to want to do more. wouldn't you like to be able to do twice as much in half the time?

Welcome To Official Web Site Of Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk,Air Jordan 6 Varsity Red This post is part of a sponsorship with Culturelle. If you are like me, you give your kids probiotics when they are sick, often with antibiotics, which can deplete the body of so called good bacteria. But did you know these tiny microorganisms can benefit your little ones when taken on a daily basis, especially during the back to school season? That just one thing I learned talking to pediatrician Dr. Ben. help to maintain balance in the gut, she explained during our recent phone chat. And actually, several things can disrupt that balance besides antibiotics, such as achange in diet, like when your child goes back to school, climate change, and stress, which is common at the beginning of a new school year. Dr. Ben me on the many benefits of taking probiotics regularly: To alleviate digestive issues To support the immune system To help reduce the chance of infection show kids have less colds and sicknesses, as well as less missed school days when they take probiotics, she told me. That evidence enough for me. There nothing I dread more about the start of the school year than the inevitable colds and stomach bugs my kids are bound to bring home. Anything I can do to keep illness at bay, and spend more time doing the things we enjoy, like riding bikes and baking, I am all for it! Dr. Ben offers these tips for selecting and administering probiotics for your child: Pick a strain that is well studied, likeLactobacillus GG, which is found inCulturelle Probiotics. Look for a formulation that is dairy and/or gluten free if your child has a mil,k or wheat allergy, or sensitivity. Mix powdered form with food like yogurt or apple sauce, or give with milk. Look for chewables, too! Talk to your child doctor about giving probiotics before one year of age. Learn more and save $5.00 with thiscouponfor Culturelle Kids Probiotic, proven to support kids' immune and digestive systems. Then, enter to win aCulturelle Healthy Kids gift basket! Created to inspire family fun together in the kitchen or in the backyard, it includes a Lego lunchbox, GastroKid Cookbook, underground garden lab, chalk trail bike attachment, Handtrux Backhoe digging tool, 70 foot zipline and PlasmaCar; $300 value. To enter, tell us: What is your favorite thing to do with your kids, either in the backyard or the kitchen? No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of the 50 US and DC, 18 or older. Sweepstakes ends11:59pm EST on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. Employees of BabyCenter, Culturelle and their families are not eligible. Void where prohibited. This post is part of a sponsorship with Culturelle. My daughter loves to stay outdoor, even under the thunder Love to jump in the trampoline and when we are done, we make believe. The other day she found a piece of paper, she came to me and said is my map, lets go found the treasure and so we went in an adventure for find the treasure (up and down the trampoline, down the slide, under the swing) until she found the treasure (a bracket of leaves) in her tree house. Indoor she love everything that requires experimenting, yesterday we pass some leaves in water and vinegar and then saw them together and hang them around the house for early fall decorations. September 10, 2014 at 11:15 am My favorite thing to do with my daughters outside is anything and everything that gets their body moving and grooving. Our latest thing is to fly our home made box kites, the best part of it was watching their eyes fill with excitement when they realized that they made something and it actually worked. They flew those kites so long that I think they never wanted to come inside. But like always when the sun sets, and the night get colder we have to stop just for the moment but tomorrow will come and we will fly again. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated DisordersWhiplash and neck pain are complex injuries involving the delicate soft tissues and the nerves of your neck. Usually, moto vehicle accidents are responsible for these types of traumas. Even low speed collisions can produce significant injury. People with these types of injuries may have central or back pain, arm pain, and even headaches or dizziness/vertigo. To a patient faced with all of these different options in can seem quite daunting to decide which approach to choose since all can seem reasonable. The prestigious medical journal SPINE recently published the results of a best evidence review of all treatments for neck pain (Hurwitz, et. al. Spine 2008;33:S123 52). The Bone and Joint Decade Task Force reviewed literature of non invasive treatments (no surgery) from 1980 through 2006. A total of 139 papers were considered scientifically valid for review and covered treatments such as educational videos, mobilization (deep stretching movements), manual therapy (done by hand), low level laser therapy, exercises, and acupuncture. In addition to pain relief, the scientists also considered costs and safety. Their conclusion was that the best treatments for accident related whiplash injuries involving manual therapy and exercise are more effective than alternative strategies for patients with neck pain. 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