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It will come out much cleaner in the end!Step 2: Paint your colors Here I painted a bunch of the colors I had. I used a wide and smooth paintbrush and smoothed the edges out like shown. Put all the materials under hot water. Remove the tape and see how clean everything looks. Wear them! Just Kidding! This is the mod podge step. Add a layer of the stuff all over the shoe, making sure to get it in all the thread crevices and the outlines. I always do this with a sponge brush. It helps to push it down with your finger but it can get messy. Don't be alarmed when it looks like the first picture! It might look like you're ruining all of your hard work but I promise it will not mess with any of the paint and it dries completely clear! Make sure you finish with a waterproof spray because mod podge is water based and if water hits your shoes, they will actually be ruined. Bio:I am a sophomore in college. I'm engaged to be married to the best thing that has ever happened to me. 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Shopping Cheap Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red,Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 My doctor recommends no structure to the sole at all at this age. I use the regular Robeez because there's nothing on the bottom but soft leather to protect her feet from prickly stickies. I've heard good things about the off brand Robeez, they may not be quite as super well made, but it's not like a pair of shoes will get worn out before they are outgrown at this point. In six months or so we'll move to a little more structure in the sole. I think the only really critical thing at this age is not to put them in a completely rigid sole, or a rigid ankle. I've always heard it is best for new walkers to go without shoes. When DD is walking, it is usually on a rough surface like a sidewalk or a backyard. I don't trust the soles of robeez when it comes to rocks and sticks, so DD wears pedipeds (I found a outlet boutique by my house that has all shoes including robeez and pediped for 50% off all the time. If that store wasn't there, she would have some clearance rack stride rites or target shoes. I have $15 max that I am willing to spend on shoes that will only be worn a few times). are great for walking around the house. The soles are so thin that walking in robeez is like walking without shoes. So, if you want your LO to wear shoes inside go with robeez (or bobuz or an off brand). If your LO will be walking around outside, go with the new robeez with the thicker soles, pedipeds, or stride rite pre walkers. Check the Robeez Mini Shoez, they have a tougher sole, still soft and good for foot development but better for if they are walking outside. I also have some pedi peds, they are MUCH easier to get on DD's feet, I think the Robeez are extremely difficult. We also have some pre walkers from Stride Rite, they are the way to go when it comes time for that first pair of "real shoes" IMHO, the sales people are very helpful and have lots of experience with kids. That being said, we were at Target today and they have lots of shoes with soft soles that I would definitely consider buying. As long as they are not high top sneakers or something with a sole that you cannot bend easily then they are good. For now, she goes barefoot more often than not and if we go out I throw a pair of sandals on her but she doesn't like crawling/standing in shoes, she prefers socks or barefeet. I have one pair of Robeeze, pedipeds, and target ministar. The target ones are close to the robeeze in the leather portion. However my target ones look like junk and they were not worn to often. The robeeze have a soft good quality leather sole. The pedipeds have a less flexable sole. Honestly my favorite are the pedipeds. However, i plan to move to striderite when my DD starts to walk. Also, the lady at stride rite said that for walkers to use pediped flex or striderite. Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red Program helps the unemployed get back on the roadErica Scott was shocked by Portland street bicycling scene when she moved here from Baton Rouge, La., a year and a half ago. only people you see on bikes back home are kids, says Scott, 30. cousin said, how we do things here. after job training helped her transition off welfare, the single mom pedals three times a week to and from the bus stop to reach her office job in Vancouver, weather permitting. Create a Commuter, in what believed to be the first project of its kind in the nation, spreads Portland two wheeled culture to folks who otherwise might steer clear of it but might benefit more than most. you in transition, you don have as much money to get around on the bus all the time, Scott says. saves me sometimes like $15 a week, depending on the weather. It also keeps your energy up. Alberta St. that promotes bicycling to groups beyond the true believers, especially low income people. It teaches bike maintenance, refurbishes old bikes and makes them available for reasonable prices. of our visions is that the bicycle is a vehicle for change, says Zan Gibbs, adult programs coordinator for the nonprofit. Beyond bikes decade ago, Community Cycling Center started Create a Commuter as a way to continue the idealistic but flawed bike project, which painted old bikes yellow and offered them free for anyone use on Portland streets. The program was scrapped when too many people stole the bikes, vandalized them or sold them for quick cash. Initially, Create a Commuter provided free bikes to low income people referred to the nonprofit by social services programs. Sometimes, Community Cycling Center bike mechanics spotted the same bikes for sale on Craigslist. To sharpen the program focus and get bikes into the hands of people with a demonstrated need, Create a Commuter was retooled a couple years ago to target people coming off welfare or enrolled in job training programs. we found is the retention rate has increased dramatically, says Alison Graves, Community Cycling Center executive director. A followup survey of Create a Commuter 2010 clients, done a month or so after awarding the bikes, found 40 percent reported riding their bikes most days, and 25 percent reported riding daily. More than half the recipients were people of color. A lack of reliable transportation can dissuade some people from pursuing job interviews or job opportunities. Bus schedules may not fit their work hours, or TriMet may not serve the area they work. just want to give them another tool to help them get a job, Gibbs says. Each year, Create a Commuter partners with about a dozen work force training agencies, which screen applicants and refer them to the nonprofit. One of those groups is Portland Community College Workforce Network, which helps clients in North and Northeast Portland get job training and then land jobs. People in the PCC job training program filled in a four page application and listed their measurements. Now Community Cycling Center mechanics are refurbishing old mountain bikes, custom fitting them and adding new components, narrower tires, fenders, lights and racks. Participants also get helmets and locks. Equally important, the applicants must attend a five hour clinic on Feb. 12. About 15 people from the PCC program will learn how to fix a flat and make minor adjustments, learn rules of the road, rights and responsibilities of bicyclists and other nuts and bolts. They practice loading their bikes on a simulated TriMet bus rack. And they take two guided rides, so they can get tips about navigating streets, crossing railroad tracks and other bicycling challenges. PCC Workforce Network places 60 to 80 residents a month into jobs paying an average wage of $10.50 an hour, says Amy Youngflesh, program director. The idea of bicycle commuting is a stretch for some clients, who might not view biking as a safe way to travel inner city streets, Youngflesh says. She likes that Create a Commuter dispels stereotypes that biking is just for kids, or for middle class people pedaling to downtown jobs. Now she frequently sees clients biking to their training programs, biking around town, or biking with their children. Jennifer Rouse, 38, got her free bike last year, in the same PCC job training cohort that included Erica Scott. Unlike Scott, Rouse had been a regular bike rider, but two of her past bikes were stolen and a third was totaled in an accident. She had been taking the bus to get around, but both her feet were broken a few years ago. is kind of a pain, literally, Rouse says. Now she able to bike to her computer training class, and rides about every day, multiple times a day, Rouse says. just think that that all the way around a better way to commute, she says. certainly a greener way to go. Tjepkes Larson was already fitted for her new bike and anticipates getting it after a Feb. 12 bicycling clinic. Tjepkes Larson, 46, who lives near 158th Avenue and Burnside Street, recently was homeless for eight months and is in an addiction treatment program. just kind of like starting over, she says. She in a pre apprenticeship program with Oregon Tradeswomen and takes PCC classes at the Cascade and Southeast centers, where she hopes to get trained to be a building inspector or project manager. Tjepkes Larson is relying on her 78 year old father to drive her and her two daughters around town. With her own bicycle, she figures she could get around faster, save time, and relieve her dad. The free bike program is way of giving people hope, she says. I going to work on getting my 11 year old one, she says. After that, she wants to try to get a bike for her dad.

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